Stitcher Radio podcast app updated with CarPlay support and bug fixes


Stitcher Radio, one of Apple’s first CarPlay partners, has released an update that enables the dashboard interface in its popular podcast app. The update also includes bug fixes and stability improvements. The release comes just days after Stitcher was acquired by a music streaming company called Deezer.

Stitcher joins Rdio, Spotify, and iHeartRadio in supporting the in-car UI that was first demonstrated alongside iOS 7 last year. Several other apps, including Apple’s own Podcasts and Beats Music software, are still slated to gain support in future updates.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 9.40.19 PM

What’s New in Version 6.2.5
* CarPlay – Stitcher now supports Apple’s CarPlay system! Use in any CarPlay enabled vehicle, including aftermarket stereos with support.

* Fix for incorrectly resuming after pauses from the wrong spot in an episode (sorry about that!).

* Stability improvements, including fixes for periodic crashing between shows for some listeners.

Stitcher Radio is free on the App Store.

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Apple involved in another infringement suit over iPhone name, this time in India


Back in June Apple faced off against a Mexican telecom over the trademarked word “iFone.” In that case, the iFone telecommunications company argued that Apple had infringed its trademark with the iPhone. A court ruled that because telecom services and telephone hardware aren’t the same product, there should be no confusion among consumers about which is which.

Unfortunately for mobile carriers in the country, because they do offer telecommunications services, they were barred from using the name “iPhone” in marketing materials.

Now an Indian mobile phone manufacturer called iVoice Enterprises Limited is taking Apple to task over a similarly named product, this time called the “iFon.”

The body that governs India’s trademarks, the Intellectual Property Appellate Board, has been petitioned by iVoice to revoke Apple’s trademark in that nation. The company has a bit of an advantage over the Mexican “iFone” case in that both iVoice and Apple attempted to trademark a mobile phone name, not a service. That’s about the only thing it has going in its favor, though.

iVoice was founded in 2007, after the announcement of the first-generation iPhone, and originally planned for its own iFon to be a cheap, but feature-rich cell phone. The name was created to stand for “India Phone,” according to the Times of India. The iFon trademark was registered in May that year.

In 2008, Vodafone announced that it would be bringing the iPhone to India, and Apple filed a motion against the iVoice trademark, noting that it was phonetically similar to the iPhone’s name. In 2009 the iPhone 3GS launched in the country as iVoice’s investors continued to drop support for the organization thanks to Apple’s motion.

By 2010, the iFon was still said to be on the way, and iVoice had finished filing a counterclaim against Apple, but the damage was already done. Without the backing of its domestic and overseas partners, iVoice had to admit defeat. The company now claims that Apple’s petition to remove its trademark caused “irrecoverable financial impact on our business model” and has since scuttled the project entirely.

Apple was recently asked for an official response to the trademark claim, indicating that the Appellate Board has reviewed the case as presented by iVoice and is moving on to the next stages of the dispute. The process is far from over, but Apple certainly has an advantage since it filed for the mark all the way back in 2006 (versus mid-2007 for iVoice).

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Google’s upcoming Copresence feature lets iOS & Android users share via AirDrop-like functionality

Copresence-01 Copresence-02

In June a report detailed a feature in development by Google that would reportedly allow Android devices to alert “people, places, and things” to the presence of nearby users. At the time, reports referred to the feature as “Nearby” and described it as a location-based feature for Android devices in close proximity to one another. Today, AndroidPolice is back with more info pointing to evidence that the feature will be cross-platform and allow Android and iOS devices to share content and communicate when nearby.

To authenticate with one another, the two devices would apparently be able to use location information or Bluetooth, perhaps along with a functionality similar to “whisper,” the ultrasonic authentication method Google has used for the Chromecast to allow devices to connect from different networks. Actual information would be transferred using Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi direct… Android and iOS devices communicate with one another in a variety of ways, exchanging files, photos, directions, messages, or other content…

The report says the feature is being referred to as Copresence internally and shared the images (above and below) that were discovered by a tipster in the latest Google Play Services APK. The images depict both iOS and Android devices sharing files, photos, audio, and text between one another using what is reportedly the under development Copresence feature.

Copresence-03 Copresence-04 Copresence-05 Copresence-01 Copresence-02

More evidence, as the report points out, comes from recent developer documentation for a Copresence Chrome API, patents, and internal issue reports for the API that reference the service. AndroidPolice claims the service could arrive in “the coming weeks.”

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