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Things for iOS updated with Notification Center widget, improved inter-app functionality

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 5.13.44 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 5.14.07 PM

Cultured Code released an update for its Things to-do list manager on iPhone and iPad today that added support for a Notification Center widget. The new plugin allows users to keep a list of reminders in the Today view, mark off completed tasks, or quickly access a shortcut for creating new to-dos.

The widget pulls its data from the app’s Today list, and can also let you know which items will be due soon so you can prioritize your activities.

The update also adds a new URI scheme that enables developers working on other apps to integrate their software easily with Things.

You can grab the iPhone version of Things for $9.99 on the App Store. The iPad version is available separately for $19.99.

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Review: Deliveries for Mac and iOS is the perfect way to track your online orders for the holidays

Screenshot 2014-11-26 21.16.48

With Cyber Monday coming up, a lot of us shop online, as opposed to going out to the store. It would be nice if there was an easy way to track all of your packages. Of course you could set up mail rules to filter any emails that contain the words, “the tracking number,” but all that does is put all of your emails into a folder without notifying you of any changes in the status of your package. After initially receiving the email most forget about it and never track their packages, which happens all the time to me causing me to not pick up my packages for weeks. Or you can be the type of person that can obsessively track your package by constantly pressing the refresh button hoping that there’s an update to no avail. Well there’s an app that can track your tracking numbers and keep you updated about the status of your order. Deliveries is powerful, handy and easily notifies you of your packages.

Deliveries can track packages that are shipped from UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service, DHL and many others. For big companies like Amazon and Apple, it can even track orders before they ship. Updates include orders been received, preparing for shipment, to shipped and finally delivered.

Deliveries is available for both Mac and iOS devices. It syncs the data between the Mac and iOS version using iCloud without any setup, which makes it very easy to use. The Mac and iOS version function nearly the same way. When first opening it up, it displays a brief summary of your shipments and displays a count down of when you should be receiving your package. Selecting one of the packages shows you where the package is on the map, view the company’s website and allows you to share your shipment information via AirDrop, iMessage or email.

Screenshot 2014-11-29 07.40.18 2014-11-29 18.16.11 2014-11-29 07.42.26

Deliveries takes advantage of Today Widgets in Notification Center in both iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. On the Mac, you can even add another delivery to be tracked right from there.

2014-11-29 06.32.18 Screenshot 2014-11-29 06.31.31 Screenshot 2014-11-29 06.33.18

Other methods on the Mac to add packages to track include pressing the plus sign and type or copy/paste the tracking information into the field or use the share button in Safari and select Add to Deliveries. The same methods apply for adding deliveries to be tracked on the iOS version.

add to deliveries mac safari share sheet add to deliveries via app add to deliveries share sheet iOS 8

Deliveries also supports 1Password‘s extension, making it easier to retrieve stored passwords. Also, it can add estimated delivery dates to your calendar.

As an avid online shopper, I have been benefiting from using this app to track my packages and gifts for the holidays. Deliveries is available for the Mac and iOS for $4.99 each. If you are just starting your holiday shopping make sure to follow 9to5Toys for the latest discounts and savings.




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Apple releases OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 w/ bug fixes & WiFi improvements

Yosemite 10.10.1In addition to releasing iOS 8.1.1 for iPhone and iPad users, Apple has released OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 with bug fixes and performance improvements for Macs running the latest version of the desktop operating system. Mac users that have experienced WiFi performance issues running Yosemite should expect improvements with this bug fix release. The update is available for Macs running OS X Yosemite through the Updates tab of the Mac App Store.

In addition to addressing WiFi performance, Apple says OS X 10.10.1 also includes improvements for Microsoft Exchange users and fixes for Mail. You can read the full list of changes below.

The OS X Yosemite v10.10.1 Update improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac. This update:

  • Improves Wi-Fi reliability
  • Improves reliability when connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server
  • Resolves an issue that may prevent Mail from sending messages through certain email service providers
  • Addresses an issue prevents connecting to remote computers using Back to My Mac
  • Resolves an issue where sharing services, Notification Center widgets and Actions may not be available
  • Addresses an issue that could cause Notiication Center settings to not be retained after a restart
  • Addresses an issue that might prevent the Mac App Store from displaying certain updates
  • Addresses an issue that could prevent some Mac mini computers from waking from sleep
  • Resolves an issue that might prevent Time Machine from displaying older backups
  • Addresses an issue that might prevent entering text in Japanese

Apple also notes that the maintenance update to OS X Yosemite includes improvements for enterprise users:

  • Allows you to append search domains for partially qualified domain names when performing DNS lookups (consult the discoveryd man page for more information)
  • Addresses an issue where the Mac App Store might offer an update to Apple Remote Desktop when the latest version is already installed

Mac OS X Yosemite

Apple has posted the official support document for the latest version of OS X Yosemite here. OS X Yosemite debuted last month as a free update for Mac users introducing a redesigned interface to the operating system and several new features that connect the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


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Box for iPhone app gets Touch ID support and new features geared to ease of use


Box for iPhone and iPad – an app designed to allow convenient access to more than 100 document types in the cloud – has been updated to allow unlocking via Touch ID and given a bunch of new features designed to make it easier to use.

Touch ID support should make a big difference to heavy users, who the company says typically use the app 50 times a day.

A Notification Center widget makes Box significantly more convenient, allowing you to view recent files and add new notes. A new Favorites feature allows fast access to frequently-needed files without having to load them into the app first.

What’s New in Version 3.5.0

  • Now use Box from your Today view in Notification Center to quickly and easily create Box Notes, view recent documents and more (requires iOS 8)
  • Use your fingerprint to unlock the Box app at the touch of the home button with Touch ID (compatible devices only, requires iOS 8)
  • Add files and folders to a Favorites list for easy access without having to download any data ahead of time with our new Favorites feature
  • In-folder search capabilities
  • Box Bookmarks are now accessible
  • Support for previewing password protected Office and iWork files
  • Automatic photo upload for Personal Pro subscribers and Enterprise users
  • Additional stability improvements and bug fixes

Box appears to be a favored app at Apple, featured in Best New Apps and used to demonstrate app extensions during this year’s WWDC.

Box for iOS is a free download from iTunes, with 10GB of storage included. An in-app purchase of $79 a year for the Pro version boosts storage to 100GB and allows individual files of up to 5GB to be uploaded.

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OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 build 14B23 seeded to developers

Screenshot 2014-11-10 18.02.34

Apple today seeded the second beta of the upcoming OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 update to registered developers and participants in the AppleSeed program. The update is available for these users in the Software Update tab of the Mac App Store.

As with the first beta, Apple asks developers to focus their testing on WiFi-connectvitiy, Exchange accounts in the Mail app, and Notification Center. Apple has not indicated when OS X 10.10.1 will be released to the public, but the first point updates to OS X typically arrive within a month of the original version.

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