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What Phone Would Mad Men’s Don Draper Use? Guess. [Photo]

Which phone would fictional advertising genius Don Draper from AMC’s Mad Men use? No surprises here: as this picture of Jon Hamm from the set of the hit television proves, only the phone with the best and most convincing advertising campaign on Earth, an iPhone, would do for Draper.

[via iSource]

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Get $80 – $100 Off Almost Any iPad 2 Right Now [Deals]

Are you a rag-swaddled, impoverished soul, prowling the cold, ice-swept streets in an O. Henry-esque search for the perfect Christmas gift that can be had for your loved one for less than $420? The Spirit of Christmas is here with the deal for you: Apple has just dropped the price of all their refurbished iPad 2s, and they now start at just $419.

The $80 discount is actually a pretty good one, considering that when the iPad 2 first debuted, Apple only offered $50 off on each model. Now, the 16GB models are discounted by $80 in both WiFi and 3G flavors, and the 32GB and 64GB versions are discounted $100.

The only exception? Sadly, Apple is out-of-stock of the 64GB iPad 2 WiFi+3G model.

Should you buy a refurbished iPad 2 over a new one for Christmas? Absolutely. In my opinion, refurbished models are better than new: not only are they the best deals going on current Apple hardware, but since they’ve been repaired, refurbished and had their batteries replaced at the factories, they’re actually less likely to be broken on arrival than a new Apple product, not more.

And hey, if you don’t mind an even older model of iPad, the deals get even crazier: a refurbished 32GB iPad 3G costs only $399, which is $230 off the price it originally retailed at.

You can find deals on refurbished iPads here.

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The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine Is Free On iTunes

If you’re a big fan of The Beatles’ psychotropic adventure to save Pepperland from the hopping foots and music-hating Blue Meanies, here’s a great deal: Apple is offering the children’s e-book adaptation of The Beatles Yellow Submarine for free to anyone who wants to download it.

In the iBook, clips from the movie have been added to the text and can be viewed on any page, either as embedded videos or expanded to full-screen. There’s also a gaggle of interactive animations, boinking sound effects and Yoko-free music clips to enjoy.

Even if it were rendered in dead tree pulp instead of electrons, the Yellow Submarine book isn’t exactly a rat-crusher at just 43 pages, but if you’re a Yellow Submarine fan or just want to familiarize your small children with the acid-fueled dreams and dementia of the 60s, this is the free e-book for you.

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Patent Wars: Apple Loses To Samsung And Moto In Germany, Australia

Photo by rb3m - http://flic.kr/p/6sFFE4

In the ever-changing patent wars, somedays you are the windshield and some days you are the bug. After coming up roses Thursday, Apple finds itself on the losing side against Samsung and Motorola.

An Australian court today dismissed Apple’s request to continue the country’s ban on Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 tablet. The ruling by the Australian High Court means the South Korean company will be able to hawk its device during the all-important Christmas buying period.

In an ironic move, the court also ordered the Cupertino, Calif. tech giant pay legal costs. Conversely, on Thursday, a French court denied Samsung’s bid to ban the iPhone 4S, ruling the smartphone maker must pay Apple’s court costs. Apple and Samsung are engaged in courtroom brawls covering some 10 nations.

Apple suffered a second patent loss Friday, this time in Germany. That nation’s court ordered an injunction against the iPhone and iPads using 3G. Motorola claimed the Apple devices infringed on a European patent regarding the “Method for Performing a Countdown Function During a Mobile-originated Transfer for a Packet Radio System.” Patent expert Florian Mueller, writing at FOSS Patents, said the patent was ruled essential for the GPRS standard, a version of 3G used widely used in Europe.

The ruling comes after a German court sided with Motorola in an earlier default judgement against Apple. The default judgement was entered after Apple failed to respond to Motorola’s complaint. Today’s court decision actually carries a penalty compared to the essentially administrative default ruling.

Although the iPhone 4S was released after Motorola filed the German lawsuit, Mueller believes Apple’s newest iPhone would also contain the offending technology. However, the actual ruling mentions only the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G.

While Apple’s next step is unknown, one potential reaction could be for the company to modify its products to remove the patented technology. The company is expected to unveil a new iPhone and iPad in early 2012.

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Hacker Demonstrates Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 5 [Video]

Back in November, iOS hacker Pod2g announced in a message on Twitter that he had discovered a bug in the iOS 5 software that could provide an untethered jailbreak. To backup his claims, Pod2g has posted a video to YouTube that demonstrates the hack in action, but he’s yet to provide any indication as to when the jailbreak might go public.

Following his announcement last month, a member of the Chronic Dev-Team verified Pod2g’s exploit and confirmed that it was indeed legitimate, but claimed that it was being kept “highly guarded until the right time.”

Just in case you needed proof of its existence, Pod2g has created a video demonstration (above) of the untethered jailbreak in action on an iPod touch running iOS 5.0.

It’s all very promising for those who are itching to install apps and tweaks that aren’t authorized by Apple, but unfortunately, we have no idea when the jailbreak will be made public. There’s clearly a lot more work to be done before Pod2g releases his hack, but at least we know it’s in progress.

[via AppAdvice]

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AutoComplete Your Holiday Shopping With Cult Of Mac’s New, Apple-Inspired Tee

CoM autocomplete tee

Still looking for a gift for the Apple fan in your life? Our new Cult of Mac tee might just be the perfect fit (oh yeah, pun INTENDED). This 100% Jerry Maguire-approved tee is proudly crafted right here in the beautiful USA, is a limited print, and has a great unisex fit.

So don’t let another shopping day slip by, time’s a runnin’ out! You can pick up our new tee for just $22 over at Seattle indie brand Might Tees.

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Best Fake Market Finds (Android iPhone, Anyone?) From Brazil [Gallery]

The São Paulo electronics stores are set up like mini-malls. @Nicole Martinelli.

São Paulo, Brazil - The arrival of the much-awaited Brazilian iPad may be in doubt – although our trip to the Foxconn factory showed that an local iPhone is in the works – one thing is certain: there’s a huge market for gadgets here.

Brazilians pay some of the highest prices in the world for their iDevices, but many of them buy alternatives – black or gray market goods and fakes.

Commerce hub São Paulo has a whole neighborhood dedicated to selling these off-market electronic items called Santa Ifigênia, where I paid a visit with Alessandro Salvatori of Blog do iPhone.

Apple-inspired speakers. @Nicole Martinelli.

Coming from the Sao Bento metro station, you cross the charming Santa Ifigênia pedestrian bridge, where you know you’re in the right place when someone pulls out cell phones from a coat jacket muttering “dois chip, dois chip” (dual chip cell phones, in other words. We spotted models in nearby stores with four).

Cell phones with four chips and fake iPod Nanos. @Nicole Martinelli.

The main stretch, which runs alongside the church of the same name (Our Lady of the Deep Discount?), reminds me of Shanghai: small storefronts stretching back into a warren of individual vendor booths selling everything from electric shavers and cameras to baby monitors.


Behold the Android iPhone. @Nicole Martinelli.

Some of the wares sold here are Chinese knock-offs, like the faux iPhone pictured above sporting an Android logo.

The rest? Some of the vendors told me they are the real deal but last year’s models, sold without any guarantees. The local merchant’s association maintains that the products are legit but prices are low because vendors buy directly from manufacturers in large quantities. Continue reading