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Apple reportedly considering $1.6b bond sale in Japan


Apple financial engineering is nothing to sniff at: with nearly $200 billion in cash, they have a lot of flexibility to initiate capital trades. Following a major seven-part domestic bond sale in the US, Nikkei reports it is now looking to do something similar in Japan.

Apple is interested in Japan due to comparatively lower interest rates than the US so it can sell debt more cheaply there than it could elsewhere. The report notes Apple is looking at a bond sale of about $200 billion in yen, which is equivalent to over $1.6 billion dollars. Apple should be able to demand 1% lower interest rates in Japan than in America. Although this is a thin difference in margin, everything adds up with balances as large as Apple’s.

Like with previous instances, Apple uses the debt market to avoid costly taxation on repatriation of its overseas assets. The income will go towards funding development in Japan as well as help investor returns. Apple continues to exploit its stellar credit rating — second only to governments — around the world, recently diversifying into many euro countries as well as domestically.

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Facebook Messenger rolling out feature to let friends send money to each other

Facebook Messenger PaymentsFacebook has today announced it is rolling out a new feature for users that will let friends send money to each other, through its Facebook Messenger app. Like similar services, a simple tap allows users to send a cash amount to their recipient in a single step.

Users must first associate a Visa or MasterCard debit card to their Facebook accounts. Then, a ‘$’ symbol appears in the Facebook Messenger user interface alongside the chatbox. Sharing credit card information with Facebook is a dangerous prospect for many people, although the company says it will not monetize the service ‘at this time’. For the time being, sending money has no charge per transaction above the cash amount you are sending.

When it launches, the feature will only be available to US residents. It is unclear whether Facebook plans to expand internationally. The Facebook Messenger payment feature was first revealed late last year, when a developer found the UI elements hidden inside the app. If you don’t want to wait for Facebook to actually release the announced feature, check out competing services like Square Cash — the idea of easily sending money to friends through an app is not particularly new.

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Intuit’s Mint app adds new bill reminder features, accessibility improvements, more

Intuit Mint 1 Intuit Mint 2 Intuit Mint 5

The popular Intuit-owned Mint finance management app updated to version 4.1 today adding new bill reminder features, more accessibility support, and general improvements all around.

Highlighted in the new version is the ability to manage bill reminders right from the app. For the iPhone version, bill reminders can be created, edited, and managed from the latest version of the app. A change to the Overview tab wraps all this together.

Mint has also enhanced the newly added Updates view to show upcoming bill due dates. The new Upcoming Bills Card will present any bills with a due date within the next seven days.

In terms of accessibility, Mint has added support in a number of areas of the app. This includes the login, signup, split transactions and transaction detail pages.

Mint 4.1 for iPhone and iPad is available for free on the App Store.

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The iPhone and iPad reportedly captured 93% of mobile device profits in holiday quarter, 79% across 2014


Apple reported the largest profit ever recorded by a public company in the holiday quarter, mostly driven by sales of 74 million iPhones with an average selling price of $687. According to Cannacord, this meant Apple captured 93% of handset smartphone profits. Perhaps more staggering is that it claims Apple dominated on similar levels across the entire of 2014 — with 79% of mobile device profits.

The analyst expects continued growth for the iPhone for the next few users, with an estimated 650 million iPhone users by the end of 2018.

On financials, Apple is way out in front of its competition. Unsurprisingly, Samsung is Apple’s closest rival although it is still far off in terms profitability. The same report says Samsung shipments account for 9% of total profits in the fourth quarter, meaning Apple and Samsung combined makeup 102% of the total.

Like some previous quarters, Apple and Samsung were the only companies to make non-negative profits in the period. Cannacord says HTC, LG, Sony, Lenovo and BlackBerry broke even and Microsoft phone sales (Nokia) actually made a relative loss of 2%.

Despite unparalleled operating margins, the iPhone continues to become ever more mainstream, as this chart by Charles Arthur highlights.


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Square Cash now lets you send money over text messages, add notes to payments, more

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Square launched its app Cash last fall making the process of sending money from your bank to other people over email, and today the company is introducing the next major version of its app. Square Cash 2.0 introduces a list of new features including the ability to now send a transaction over text messaging in addition to email and attach notes to payments for adding context to a transaction. Below you can see the full list of changes in the new version.

What’s New in Version 2.0

Everything is better in Cash 2.0!

• Send cash to any mobile phone number via text message.
• Faster, optimized sending interface.
• Import your address book for quick contact selection.
• Add a note to your payments.
• Pick a profile picture.
• Choose push notifications, text messages, or email notifications.
• Manage all of your email addresses and phone numbers in one place.
• Quickly approve incoming requests from a push notification or text message.
• Invite friends via text message and get $1 when they join.

Square Cash 2.0 is available for free on the App Store.


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