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The iMac Will Soon Lose The Title Of Best Selling All-In-One PC In The World.. Say What?

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It had to happen: Apple’s workhorse, the iMac, is expected to relinquish its title as best-selling all-in-one computer in 2012. What with its success in smartphones, tablets and notebooks, Apple appears ready to throw the PC industry a bone — a very limited one, however.

After being the world’s most popular and best-selling all-in-one system, the iMac’s market share will drop to 24 percent in 2012, down from 27 percent currently, according to DigiTimes Research. Apple will ship 3.8 million iMacs next year, compared to 4 million for Lenovo. The Asian giant has become a huge consumer of all-in-one computer systems.

“Although Apple’s iMac series has advantages in industrial design, the product series has shown only limited room for change in specifications,” according to DigiTimes. “However, HP and Lenovo have delivered above-the-standard industrial design in their products, while offering better hardware specifications, price and a variety of choices,” the researchers add.

Despite the loss of overall marketshare, the iMac remains strong in the U.S. and Europe, where HP lacks stability. It’s unknown how an expected 2012 iMac refresh will impact today’s research. The update is expected to include a 22-nanometer Ivy Bridge platform, better graphics, and more.

For longtime Apple fans, the iMac is a nostalgic connection to the past. However, the introduction of the iPad as well as the growth of the MacBook Air removed a large portion of the iMac’s daily use. I’ll hang on to mine, given it has become like an old pickup – the internal CD drive no longer works, the screen has a few dead spots, but it still is a perfect fit.

What’s so weird about this report is when was the last time you even saw a Lenovo all-in-one PC? The iMac’s everywhere, and it constantly pops up on television, whereas I couldn’t even really tell you what a Lenovo all-in-one PC looked like off the top of my head. I don’t doubt it’s going to outsell the iMac, but for all of that, it has zero brand recognition.

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MacMall opening up more retail stores in Huntington Beach on Saturday and Chicago in February

Conventional wisdom once was that as Apple expanded its retail footprint, Apple resellers would fall by the wayside.  And that has happened to a certain extent, plus stores like CompUSA and Circuit City have folded.

Fortunately, other retailers have been able to succeed alongside Apple by offering differentiated services.

One of our favorite Apple resellers, MacMall, is expanding their retail stores to Huntington Beach, California this Saturday and Chicago, Illinois in the coming months. Currently, the retailer has a booming online store coupled with two retail stores in Santa Monica and Torrance that are also seeing success, the company said in a press release sent out today. The Huntington Beach store opens this Saturday, December 10th with some pretty killer deals (seen after the break). MacMall’s Chicago store, located 321 West Grand Avenue, will be seeing a later January/February opening.

We hear that MacMall is even shopping for some space in Manhattan, alongside one of our other favorite resellers, Tekserve.

MacMall, naturally can offer more to customers than Apple Stores with their unscheduled technical support, broader range of accessories (even a few PCs and Android tablets), and most importantly “online prices in a retail store”. We often tip you guys on MacMall’s awesome deals, so we’re certainly familiar with some of the deals they carry.  As you can see below, they offer so many more accessories than an Apple Store (iPhone Alarm Clocks, standalone GPS, Photoframes, Cameras, etc, etc).

MacMall says Apple has encouraged them to keep expanding to more stores and with over $100 million in Apple product sales this year, that isn’t hard to believe.

At the Huntington Beach store’s grand-opening on Saturday, the first 300 people to visit the store will be entered to win free Apple TVs, MacBook Airs, iPod touchs, and iPod Nanos. Early shoppers will have a 1 in 22 chance of taking home some free holiday gifts.

Press release and circular follow:

MacMall Announces Grand Opening of New Retail Store In Huntington Beach

Grand Opening features $3,500 giveaway including MacBook Air, iPod Touch and more

El Segundo, Calif., Dec. 6, 2011 —MacMall, a leading authorized reseller of Apple products and a brand of a PC Mall, Inc. subsidiary (NASDAQ: MALL), today announced that the grand opening event for its new retail store located at 16929 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach, Calif. will be held on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011. The event will feature a 10 a.m. ribbon cutting with local Chamber of Commerce officials, including outgoing Huntington Beach mayor Joe Carchio, incoming Huntington Beach mayor Don Hansen, and council member Connie Boardman. The first 300 people to visit the store will be entered into a drawing to win one of several hot technology products valued at over $3,500 in total, including a MacBook Air, three iPod touch players, five iPod nanos, and five Apple TVs. The store will open at 9 a.m. and the MacBook Air drawing will be held at 10 a.m., immediately after the ribbon cutting. Throughout the day there will be additional drawings for iPad and Mac accessories, product demos, and special discounts. The first 100 people who purchase will also receive a free gift bag.

The new store will be MacMall’s third in the Southern California market, and follows the successful launch of a new flagship store in Torrance in February 2010. The company also has a store in Santa Monica and plans to open a store in Chicago in early 2012. Each MacMall store offers a deep selection of Mac- and PC-based products, high end consumer electronics including the Apple iPad and iPod, in-house technical experts that provide Apple Authorized Service, free seminars, and on-site repair service.

“We are delighted to officially welcome customers to our new Huntington Beach location, in time for them to take advantage of our expertise and great deals this holiday season” said Dan DeVries, president of MacMall. “We are pleased to expand our presence in Southern California. Our new location will help us to better meet consumers’ demands for leading edge technology and consumer electronics products and on-site repair services.”

MacMall has operated an online Apple Superstore since 1995 at www.macmall.com.

About Mac Mall:

MacMall, a brand of a PC Mall, Inc. subsidiary, is a leading direct marketing reseller of Apple computers. MacMall works closely with Apple and hundreds of other manufacturers to bring customers low prices on a large selection of Apple computers, Mac software, Mac accessories, iPods, iPod accessories, iPhone accessories, consumer electronics and more. MacMall offers 24/7 pre and post sales telephone support and can take orders up until 10 pm Eastern time for delivery the next day. In addition, MacMall offers custom configurations, including the installation of Microsoft Windows on Apple computers, free iPod

engraving and cash back rebates on Apple computers. MacMall offers products and services through www.macmall.com, through 1-800-MACMALL and via retail stores located in Torrance, Santa Monica, and Huntington Beach, California.

About PC Mall, Inc.:

PC Mall, Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, is a leading value added direct marketer of technology products, services and solutions to small and medium sized businesses, mid-market and enterprise customers, government and educational institutions and individual consumers. PC Mall brands include: PC Mall, PC Mall Gov, Sarcom, MacMall, Abreon, NSPI, eCost and OnSale. In the twelve months ended September 30, 2011, we generated approximately $1.5 billion in revenue and now have over 3,000 employees, over 64% of which are in sales or service positions. For more information please visit pcmall.com/investor or call (310) 354-5600.

Forward-looking Statements

This press release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Such forward-looking statements include statements regarding our expectations, hopes or intentions regarding the future; including, but not limited to expectations or statements relating to expanded business models and opportunities and benefits of our investments in these business models and markets, or expectations or goals for sales growth of operating leverage, including without limitations related to our retail stores. Forward-looking statements involve certain risks and uncertainties, and actual results may differ materially from those discussed in any such statement. Factors that could cause our actual results to differ materially are discussed under the heading “Risk Factors” in Item 1A, Part II of our Form 10-Q for the quarterly period ended June 30, 2011, on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and in our other reports filed from time to time with the SEC. All forward-looking statements in this document are made as of the date hereof, based on information available to us as of the date hereof, and we assume no obligation to update any forward-looking statements.

Contact: Tila Pacheco Tila PR 714.256.8452 (office) 714.742.2698 (cell) tila@tilapr.com

Last Gen MacBook Airs now start at $699 at Apple Store

From 9to5Toys.com:


The Apple Store offers discounts on previous-generation, factory-refurbished 3-lb. MacBook Air notebooks, as listed below. Plus, each system, released less than a year ago, qualifies for free shipping and Lion up to Date. At up to $300 off, each model is at the lowest total price we’ve seen. Sales tax is added where applicable. Each item carries a 1-year Apple warranty, the same as new units. Items are removed from The Apple Store when sold out. The laptops (each model listed below features 2GB RAM):

Holiday iPhone, Mac Sales Top Expectations, But iPad Demand Is ‘A Little Light’

Photo by Photo Giddy - http://flic.kr/p/aMyBmi

Sales of the iPhone and Mac are topping analyst expectations for the holiday quarter, eating into Android marketshare. On the flip side, despite reaching new record sales, iPad demand is described as “a little light,” one analyst told investors Wednesday. In the kind of bad news rivals could only hope to have, iPhone demand continues to outstrip supply and those soft iPad figures are partly due to increased interest in another Apple product: the MacBook Air.

Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu increased his quarterly forecast for iPhone sales to 28 million, up from 26. He also raised his estimate for Mac sales to 5.2 million, up from 5 million on signs of strong demand for the MacBook Air. However, he lowered his iPad sales projections from 15 million to 13.5 million.

The higher demand for the iPhone 4S, as well as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS “is helping drive greater smartphone adoption as well as enabling share gains against Android and BlackBerry (as evidenced with both HTC and RIMM missing numbers),” Wu writes. His supplier checks “indicate much improved production capacity but demand continues to outstrip supply.”

The jump in Mac sales can largely be attributed to overwhelming desire for the MacBook Air, which now comprises 28 percent of all notebooks Apple ships. The demand is so great, there is talk the Cupertino, Calif. company may release a 15-inch version of the lightweight laptop in 2012.

The MacBook Air demand could even be the cause for softening iPad sales. Although some credit should be given to the recent success of Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire, Wu also suggests some consumers faced with tight budgets are opting to buy the more full-featured MacBook Air over the iPad. Whether this is a trend or simply a hiccup will require another quarter or two.

Wu’s 13.5 million iPads during the holiday quarter is in line with Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley who Tuesday forecast 13 million iPads for this quarter. The analyst believes some of the slowdown is due to consumers waiting for a new iPad expected to be unveiled in early 2012.

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Next-Generation MacBook Air Will Allow You To Use Three Displays At Once [Rumor]

Your next MacBook Air should support a total of three displays at once via one Thunderbolt connection, according to a leaked roadmap of Intel’s plans for its Ivy Bridge processors in 2012.

With Apple’s next-generation laptops primed to sport Intel’s Ivy Bridge silicon, it’s very likely that future MacBook Airs and Pros will be able to support two external displays plus the MacBook’s built-in screen.

According to MacRumors, Intel’s roadmap reveals that the Ivy Bridge processor will be able to handle three displays simultaneously.

While we’re talking about graphics, as with the desktop Ivy Bridge processors, the mobile processors also support up to three independent displays, although one of these will be the built in display in the notebook, but hopefully we’ll see notebooks with a DisplayPort connector as standard come next year.

Currently, the Sandy Bridge processor will allow the MacBook Air to power one external display via a Thunderbolt connection. The 13-inch MacBook Pro can handle two external displays, but that’s only when the built-in screen is turned off. Ivy Bridge will introduce the ability to use three screens at once across Apple’s entire MacBook line.

Rumors have suggested that Apple is set to introduce a 15-inch MacBook Pro/Air hybrid in 2012, and it’s unclear as to how the Ivy Bridge processor would play into such a release.

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This Chinese MacBook Air Ripoff Would Probably Fool Jony Ive

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then this Chinese imitation of the MacBook Air is the biggest compliment that Apple has received in a long time. Cleverly called the “AirBook,” this feat of design plagiarism looks exactly like Apple’s MacBook Air.

Costing only $499, the AirBook possess many similarities to Apple’s notebook, but there some crucial differences. Did we mention that it runs Windows?

M.I.C Gadget has posted a review of the AirBook. Here’s an excerpt:

The AirBook is an incredibly thin and light notebook computer. It measures just 13.1 inches by 8.82 inches (with a thickness of 0.75 inches tapering to 0.2 inches at its smallest point), and weighs a meager 3.1 pounds. We spent a lot of our time with it, and we can tell you that it’s even thicker and heavier than Apple’s Air, but it is as portable as the real thing. We think the knockoff makers have tried their best to perfect the AirBook down to the millimeter.

In the land of knockoffs, it doesn’t surprise us to see products like this coming out of China. (If you’ll remember, the Chinese have already replicated entire Apple Stores.) But the AirBook’s insane level of detail puts it in a category all its own. The ripoff boasts a 1.8GHz Atom dual core processor, 32GB SSD, and 2GB of RAM. Not too shabby for the price of an iPad.


Here’s how the AirBook stacks up against the competition performance-wise:

M.I.C Gadget calls it the “best-looking Windows laptop on the market,” and we would attribute that to the fact that it looks absolutely nothing like a Windows laptop. There are, however, small differences in the AirBook’s design (such as its unibody enclosure) that reveal how even the best knockoffs can’t match Apple’s design prowess.

We’ll see how long this thing stays on the market when Apple’s legal team pounces.

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Acer: Apple is Beating Our Brains In, But Third-World Still Loves Our Netbooks

Photo by Wesley Fryer - http://flic.kr/p/6eqHEt

Despite being caught in Apple’s vise-like iPad and MacBook Air grip, Acer continues on with the belief there must be a market somewhere remaining for netbooks – maybe China. Monday, the head of the company’s China operations said “emerging markets” could boost vanishing profits. On Monday, the head of the company’s China operations said “emerging markets” could boost vanishing profits. In other words, everyone else may think netbooks suck, but they’re still good enough for those third-world citizens who don’t know any better.

According to industry publication DigiTimes, Acer vice president Scott Lin admits netbooks “only contribute limited profits,” yet said emerging markets “normally place large amounts of orders” for the devices largely consumed by Apple. Although Acer leads the netbook market with 1.7 million units sold in the third quarter, the Cupertino, Calif. tablet maker sold 11.2 million iPads during the same time – more than Acer, Asustek and Samsung netbooks combined.

The enormous demand for iPads over netbooks helped push Acer to its first quarterly loss during the second quarter. Little consolation came from the bizarre whistling-past-the-graveyard remarks by Acer Chairman J.T. Wang, who told investors consumers were just caught in a tablet “fever” that would soon recede (like Acer’s profits?) The Acer head is known for his spot-on predictions, like his 2010 pronouncement that the iPad would drop to 20 percent of tablet sales. Apple currently has more than 60 percent of the market and there’s no noticeable slippage in sight.

If netbook makers still think they can weather the iPad storm, there is also the MacBook Air – the $999 notebook that ate away any other reason consumers might have had to buy the cheap devices. The MacBook Air went from 8 percent of Apple’s notebook sales to 28 percent in just months. Now there is talk the MacBook Air could see an even steeper price cut as Apple preps a reported 15-inch model for early 2012.

But there could be some hope for Acer. Intel had promoted its Ultrabook laptops as defense against Apple eating more PC sales. However, unlike the devices’ “no-compromise” marketing, the chip giant won’t budge of its profits, causing some Ultrabook fans — including Acer — to jump ship.

However, betting it all on China may not be wise for Acer. The Asian nation has one of the largest markets, but it is not a miracle-worker. As we’ve reported, as China’s consumers become wealthier, they tend to prefer Apple products.

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