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Apple’s new ‘Change is in the Air’ ads show novel uses for the iPad Air 2


Apple released a new iPad Air 2 campaign during Sunday football today showcasing various unique physical and software applications for the iPad Air 2.

Featuring the song “Who Needs You” by The Orwells [iTunes Store, Youtube], the ad is a departure from last year’s iPad Air which were focused on a single user.

iPad Air 2 isn’t just the thinnest and lightest iPad we’ve ever created. It’s the most powerful. From the studio to the classroom, the field to the garage, it’s helping people discover new and better ways to do the things they love. Imagine what you’ll do with it.

Microsite embedded below:

Explore the game-changing apps from the film.

These are just a few of the hundreds of thousands of apps waiting for you in the App Store — apps that makeiPad Air 2 capable of even more amazing things.

Adobe Lightroom

A simple yet powerful way to organize, edit, and enhance all the photos from all your devices.

View in the App Store

Athla Velocity: Ultimate

Turn your iPad into a personal hands-free radar gun and measure the speed of a serve, kick, or pitch.

View in the App Store


Who says coding is hard or boring? Now you can learn to code by making fun games and simulations.

View in the App Store

HM Tracker Design

Calculate the most effective angle for solar panels to catch even more rays.

View in the App Store

Garden Plan Pro

Design the perfect plan for a garden and track its growth for the best harvest. Green thumb not required.

View in the App Store

iRhino 3D

View or share a 3D design as easily as if you were holding the actual piece in your hands.

View in the App Store


Bring blueprints to the field or job site, share notes, and keep your crew on the same page.

View in the App Store

Speedometer Speed Box

Gauge your need for speed. Measure the speed of moving cars, motorcycles, and more within a tenth of a mile per hour.

View in the App Store


Move out from behind the mixing board and control your Behringer X32 console with iPad from any seat in the house.

View in the App Store


Never get caught in the rain again with crowdsourced weather reports and hyperlocal updates.

View in the App Store

Whale Alert

Fatal strikes between ships and whales are being dramatically reduced by this crowdsourced whale notification app.

View in the App Store

Homestyler Interior Design

Visualize how that midcentury modern credenza will look in your pad, from your iPad.

View in the App Store

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

Invite your wingman to a dogfight with this immersive, motion-controlled air combat game.

View in the App Store

SketchUp Mobile Viewer

3D sketches are a powerful way to see before you do. Now you can easily view your designs from every angle before making them a reality.

View in the App Store

Touchgrind Skate 2

Land an ollie lip slide with the flick of a finger in this irresistible skateboarding game.

View in the App Store

Traktor DJ

Get the party started with pro DJ tools and effects that let anyone create killer mixes in seconds.

View in the App Store

123D Catch

Capture life, in all its dimensions, and create 3D models of anyone or anything that you can even 3D print.

View in the App Store

Paper by FiftyThree

Learn to love the blank canvas. Sketch, draw, paint, and get creative without tricky settings or distractions.

View in the App Store

The Human Body by Tinybop

See what you’re made of. Study the human body by watching how it works from the inside out.

View in the App Store


You’ll be amazed at how great a photographer you can be with the redesigned iSight camera and its incredible new features like HD time-lapse, slo-mo, and burst modes.

Learn more

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You can now sign into the iOS iTunes Connect app with Touch ID

IMG_0277 IMG_0278

Apple has released a nice update for the developer-focused iTunes Connect app today. Besides iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support (finally), developers can now login to the app using the Touch ID fingerprint reader on the iPhone and new iPads. This should make it even quicker for developers to check their app submission status and upload new information to their iTunes Store pages. The update is free… on the App Store.

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App developers can now earn affiliate commissions via Store Kit in iOS 8


Apple’s iTunes Affiliate program has notified users of the program that developers can now earn affiliate commission via the Store Kit feature in iOS 8. StoreKit Product Sheet, which has existed since 2012’s iOS 6, allows developers to put a page inside of their apps to download other items from the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBookstore. However, the feature was not compatible with affiliates until iOS 8. Here’s Apple’s email to affiliate users:

We are excited to announce that Store Kit Product Sheet is now affiliate commissionable on iOS 8.

Store Kit Product Sheet allows app developers to promote the purchase of music, apps, books and more directly from a sheet within your app and earn the standard affiliate commission on all sales within 24 hours.

We encourage you to use Store Kit Product Sheet to provide a superior user experience and keep users in your app longer. Learn how to integrate your affiliate token into the Store Kit Product Sheet in the Developer Documentation.

Apple briefly discussed this iOS 8 enhancement for developers during a WWDC 2014 session, but this email indicates Apple is pushing developers to utilize all of the resources available to increase their monthly revenues.

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Apple launches iTunes U 2.0 with iPad-based course creation, student discussions, more

Apple today issued a significant update to its iTunes U application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The application focuses on enhancements for both teachers and students, and the application was first announced by Apple last week alongside the new Back to School retail initiatives.

Here’s what is new for students:

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 1.13.24 PM

• The new iTunes U makes it simple for students participating in private courses to pose questions on the course or any post or assignment
• Other students in the class can jump into the discussion and ask more questions or provide answers
• Teachers and students can keep up with the conversation when they receive push notifications as the discussion progresses

Here’s what’s new for teachers:

• Teachers can now create and update their courses using the iTunes U app on their iPad—getting started is fast, simple, and completely free
• Provide every student a course outline, write posts, distribute assignments, upload class materials, easily track participating students, and much more
• Take advantage of the built in camera on iPad to easily capture photos or videos and upload them for course assignments
• Create materials using Pages, Numbers, and Keynote—or other apps from the App Store—and add them to your course by using “Open in iTunes U” from within each app
• Teachers affiliated with qualified institutions have the option to publish their courses to the iTunes U Catalog—making them available to everyone for free

Both sets of enhancements are notable as Apple pushes the iPad and iOS experience deeper into classrooms across the world. Perhaps the biggest improvement if the ability for teachers to actually completely create and manage courses directly from the iPad app. The app also integrates with the iWork suite in order to issue documents, presentations, and spreadsheets to students. These courses created via the iPad can be distributed to both a teacher’s group of students or, if the teacher works at a “qualified institution,” to anyone via the iTunes U web catalog.

The 2.0 update is free on the App Store today. 

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