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Patent Wars: Apple Loses To Samsung And Moto In Germany, Australia

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In the ever-changing patent wars, somedays you are the windshield and some days you are the bug. After coming up roses Thursday, Apple finds itself on the losing side against Samsung and Motorola.

An Australian court today dismissed Apple’s request to continue the country’s ban on Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 tablet. The ruling by the Australian High Court means the South Korean company will be able to hawk its device during the all-important Christmas buying period.

In an ironic move, the court also ordered the Cupertino, Calif. tech giant pay legal costs. Conversely, on Thursday, a French court denied Samsung’s bid to ban the iPhone 4S, ruling the smartphone maker must pay Apple’s court costs. Apple and Samsung are engaged in courtroom brawls covering some 10 nations.

Apple suffered a second patent loss Friday, this time in Germany. That nation’s court ordered an injunction against the iPhone and iPads using 3G. Motorola claimed the Apple devices infringed on a European patent regarding the “Method for Performing a Countdown Function During a Mobile-originated Transfer for a Packet Radio System.” Patent expert Florian Mueller, writing at FOSS Patents, said the patent was ruled essential for the GPRS standard, a version of 3G used widely used in Europe.

The ruling comes after a German court sided with Motorola in an earlier default judgement against Apple. The default judgement was entered after Apple failed to respond to Motorola’s complaint. Today’s court decision actually carries a penalty compared to the essentially administrative default ruling.

Although the iPhone 4S was released after Motorola filed the German lawsuit, Mueller believes Apple’s newest iPhone would also contain the offending technology. However, the actual ruling mentions only the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G.

While Apple’s next step is unknown, one potential reaction could be for the company to modify its products to remove the patented technology. The company is expected to unveil a new iPhone and iPad in early 2012.

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Apple Will Sell A Crazy 30 Million iPhones This Quarter [Analyst]

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Although AT&T provided few details on how many iPhones the carrier sold this quarter, several analysts are upping their estimates based on consensus that Apple will report record-breaking sales. The Apple smartphone has “general strength across the board” with sales hovering around 30 million units for the three-month period.

Maynard Um, analyst with UBS Equity Research, Wednesday night raised his iPhone sales estimate to 30 million for the holiday period, up from his previous 28 million forecast. “We believe that there is a general strength across the board for iPhone demand,” he told investors.

Both Sterne Agee’s Shaw Wu and J.P. Morgan increased their iPhone sales estimates to 28 million. Wu noted the iPhone strength is spread across the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, as well as the newer iPhone 4S. Wednesday, AT&T announced it was on track to sell more than 6.1 million smartphones during the fourth quarter, smashing its previous high-water mark of 6 million. The carrier sold more than 1 million iPhone 4S handsets during the first five days of its availability. Apple sold 4 million iPhone 4S units in the first three days, more than double that of the 2010 launch of the iPhone 4.

While demand for the iPhone is still going strong, analysts revised slightly downward their expectations for the iPad. Um expects Apple will sell 12 million tablets, while J.P. Morgan’s Mark Moskowitz expects iPad sales will fall to 13 million, down from his previously projected 13.3 million. Wu appears to see the sharpest decline, writing Apple could sell 13.5 million iPads, down from 15 million.

The reason for the lower expectations for the iPad’s quarterly sales is economic pressure. “As consumer wallet constraints persist, some may not be able to buy multiple iProducts simultaneously and may be opting for one larger ticket item with more functionality,” Um reasons.

The increase in iPhone expectations should not come as a surprise. Along with the much-heralded Siri, the iPhone 4S offers razor sharp photography and a third carrier – Sprint. In addition, lowering the iPhone 4 price to $99 enabled more iPhone 3GS owners to upgrade, broadening demand for the iconic handset. In my family, two people have already joined the iPhone camp via the lower iPhone 4 pricing.

As for the slump in iPad demand, it could be a case of “older” technology combined with talk of an iPad 3 appearing in early 2012. The iPad 2 has been around for some time, enough for its newness to start wearing thin. Apple may not want to delay that introduction, learning a lesson from the slump of iPhone 4 handsets we saw as consumers waited for the “iPhone 5.”

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Batteries are burning: Recall covers two brands of iOS battery cases

There’s trouble in extra power land: Two types of iOS device battery cases are being recalled for overheating issues. One could burn, and the other could catch fire, according to their manufacturers. The issue has affected both bargain brands and market leaders, but luckily, incidents are relatively rare and getting your money or a replacement product back if you have a problem gadget is easy.

Mophie’s Juice Pack Air for the 4th generation iPod touch is one of two battery cases being recalled. It can, in very rare instances, become so hot it can potentially cause burns to a user. Mophie says it only happens in very rare cases, but the heat is enough to deform the case in many more instances. If your product has a serial number starting with TR113 through TR120, you’re eligible to receive a replacement product, which you can get following the instructions found at Mophie’s replacement website.

Best Buy’s in-house brand Rocketfish is also having heating problems with its battery case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. The situation is a little more extreme for those accessories, however, as Rocketfish is saying those overheating issues could in some cases lead to a fire during the charging process. There are 14 reported incidents on record, some of which include minor property damage. Affected owners will be reimbursed with a gift card for $70 or $105 depending on whether they’re located in the U.S. or Canada, respectively. Check your eligibility and find directions for getting your gift card at Best Buy’s recall site.

If you’re a battery case user, you already know they tend to get hot, but in both these cases the situation is going beyond the average levels of heat and into dangerous territory. Had any incidents with the products described above? Let us know in the comments.

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The iPhone 4S Is Already The Second Most Popular Camera Phone On Flickr

It hasn’t even been a month since Apple’s iPhone 4S first hit the market, and already its 8-megapixel camera is proving to be a huge hit amongst Flickr users. The device has quickly rocketed up the Flickr charts to become the second most popular camera phone on the photo sharing service, overtaking the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and the HTC EVO 4G.Based on the graphs that feature on Flickr’s Camera Finder page, Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone is already one of the most popular camera phones amongst photographers. In fact, the only device that sits above the iPhone 4S is its predecessor, the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 made news earlier this year when it followed a similar pattern, quickly becoming the most popular camera on Flickr, beating even dedicated point-and-shoot cameras. The iPhone 4S still has a long way to go before it takes the top spot, but it’s certainly not out of reach — especially if we’re kept waiting until late next year for the iPhone 5.

[via MacRumors]

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AT&T Raised The Price Of The iPhone 3GS Price To Prevent Fraud

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If you’ve wondered why AT&T recently increased the price of the iPhone 3GS from free to 99 cents, you weren’t alone. One of the best explanations so far involves the minimal price reducing a growing amount of fraud.

Although Apple cut the iPhone 3GS price to free with AT&T contract when announcing the iPhone 4S, there was quite a bit of head-scratching over the carrier’s pricing move, particularly due to the GSM-only handset eliminating an competitive reason for the carrier’s pricing change. Although AT&T gave no clue to the reason behind the price switch, the carrier CEO Ralph de la Vega remained “confident consumers will agree that [the iPhone 3GS] remains one of the best deals for a leading smartphone.”

Perhaps too good of a deal. The AT&T had warned about possible shortages of the phone should it be offered completely free. Indeed, a plausible reason for the new 99-cent price could be to reduce such demand. However, the reader of one tech blog suggested AT&T wanted to ensure the free offer did not encourage fraud.

“I work at AT&T, this is being done to help prevent fraud as the 99 cents cannot be billed to your bill,” claims a MacRumors reader identified only by the handle Metcury46l. “Fraudsters are using stolen identities to steal these handsets,” the user explains, a problem that began when the handset was made free. By selling the iPhone 3GS, rather than giving it away, AT&T can require a credit card or debt card and an associated billing address. Mystery seemingly solved.

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AT&T Raises iPhone 3GS Price To $1

Just when you thought you could buy a totally free iPhone, AT&T raises the subsidized price of the iPhone 3GS to $0.99! What gives?

As spotted by MacRumors, one of the nation’s largest carriers is listing the iPhone 3GS as costing $0.99 on its online store. The carrier activation fee is waved with the purchase and AT&T is offering free overnight shipping. What’s really weird is that Apple still lists the iPhone 3GS as costing $0 on its own website.

The iPhone 3GS has been free on AT&T for nearly a month and a half. When Apple announced the iPhone 4S, the 8GB iPhone 4′s price became $99 and the 3GS was dropped to $0 with a two-year contract.

When MacRumors asked AT&T about the slight price change, the carrier beat around the bush:

iPhone 3GS is still available at an incredibly low price and we’re confident consumers will agree that this remains one of the best deals for a leading smartphone.

Why did AT&T bump the 3GS price up one dollar? We have absolutely no clue. Both AT&T and Apple made a big deal about the fact that the iPhone 3GS is now free with a subsidized contact.

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Apple Pulls Its Own Texas Hold’em Game From The App Store

Apple’s Texas Hold’em game was one of the first titles I purchased from the App Store when it opened for business in 2008, and the only game Apple has developed for iOS devices. And while it was a fantastic purchase at the time, the Cupertino company hasn’t exactly been committed to maintaining its popularity.

Its last update came in September 2008, and today, the game has been removed from the App Store completely.

The game made its debut in late 2006, with its first appearance on the iPod, and was ported to iOS (then the iPhone OS) two years later when the App Store opened up its doors to the iPhone and the iPhone 3GS. Its release fueled speculation that Apple had plans to enter the gaming market with its own iOS titles, but it seems the release was just a backup for the company.

Not only did it demonstrate the ability of iOS devices when it comes to gaming, but it also provided a safety net for Apple if it couldn’t attract third-party developers to the iOS platform. As it turns out, the service has been a huge success, with titles from big-name developers such as EA, Gameloft, Sega, and more.

With developers like those onboard, Apple doesn’t need to develop its own titles. But maybe if the App Store hadn’t turned out to be such a huge success, we’d have seen more games from the company.

Interestingly, the Texas Hold’em page on Apple’s website is yet to be taken down.

[via MacRumors]

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