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EA Mobile: Flight Control and Mirror’s Edge for iPhone and iPad free today

From 9to5toys.com:

Today only EA Mobile is offering both Flight Control and Mirror’s Edge ($9.99) for free in both regular (iPod/iPhone) and HD (iPad) versions.  This is the first time that both of these iOS hit games (over 4 million paid for!) have been free.

Hacker Demonstrates Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 5 [Video]

Back in November, iOS hacker Pod2g announced in a message on Twitter that he had discovered a bug in the iOS 5 software that could provide an untethered jailbreak. To backup his claims, Pod2g has posted a video to YouTube that demonstrates the hack in action, but he’s yet to provide any indication as to when the jailbreak might go public.

Following his announcement last month, a member of the Chronic Dev-Team verified Pod2g’s exploit and confirmed that it was indeed legitimate, but claimed that it was being kept “highly guarded until the right time.”

Just in case you needed proof of its existence, Pod2g has created a video demonstration (above) of the untethered jailbreak in action on an iPod touch running iOS 5.0.

It’s all very promising for those who are itching to install apps and tweaks that aren’t authorized by Apple, but unfortunately, we have no idea when the jailbreak will be made public. There’s clearly a lot more work to be done before Pod2g releases his hack, but at least we know it’s in progress.

[via AppAdvice]

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Chronic Dev Team shows off untethered iOS 5 jailbreak

Chronic Dev Team is putting finishing touches on what is set to become the world’s first untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 5 and 5.0.1. Team member and French hacker pod2g just released this video showing off the jailbreak, which appears to be near-complete and functioning properly.

Unlike tethered, untethered jailbreak does not require that the device be connected to a computer each time it needs to be booted. It appears you won’t be able to untether with iOS 5.0.1 using Chronic’s tool, but pod2g did confirm that the iOS 5 untether will work on iOS 5.0.1:

Tons of questions from my nice followers. Too early to answer. Will work on iOS 5.0.1, will try iPad 2 and 4S after others are ready.

First indication of a possible untethered iOS jailbreak came in pod2g’s tweet last month:

Hey jailbreaking friends, I’ve found a bug that can untether iOS 5. Don’t expect a release soon, but I’m gonna work hard in it.

There was no word on availability of the solution at post time, but we reckon that it will be sooner than later.

Chronic Dev Team explained in a recent blog post that Apple patched the jailbreak-prone exploits found in iOS 5 betas with the release of the golden master build in mid-October. The company is apparently using their iTunes-based crash reporting system in order to find jailbreak exploits before they are released into the wild. If you’re into jailbreaking, you should consider iFaith, a Windows application that circumvents Apple’s restricted downgrade system which prevents people from downgrading their devices to an older iOS 5.x firmware. The program permits unsigned user restores based on dumped iOS 5 signature hash blobs. Additionally, it’s possible to restore to iOS 5.0.1 and preserve iPhone 4 baseband by dumping the blobs with iFaith first.

9to5Mac does not take a stance on jailbreaking, hacking, or this software , we are just reporting this as news.

SNES RPG Classic Chrono Trigger Hits The iPhone!

Holy cow! They’d been teasing it forever, but all of sudden, now it’s here: Square-Enix has just released their beloved SNES era classic Chrono Trigger on the App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch!

If you’ve never played Chrono Trigger, you’re in for a treat. It’s one of those classics that, unlike many of its peers, continues to impress 16 years later. A time-travel based RPG,  Chrono Trigger‘s development team included three designers that Square dubbed the “Dream Team”:  Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Square’s Final Fantasy series; Yuji Horii, a freelance designer and creator of Enix’s popular Dragon Quest series; and Akira Toriyama, a freelance manga artist famed for his work with Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball. 

Square-Enix’s ports in the past have been a little rough around the edges, and it’s too early to say if Chrono Trigger follows that pattern, although my initial reaction is positive. Sadly, like most Square-Enix games, this one’s a bit expensive at $8.99, and it also sadly isn’t available as a universal binary for playing on the iPad.

Still, if you like RPGs at all, this is one to install on your iPhone post-haste. I’ll see you at the End of Time.

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StyleTap iOS Wrapper SDK lets you submit Palm OS apps to Apple

Last year StyleTap launched their Palm OS emulator platform for iPhone, but for obvious reasons it wasn’t made available through the App Store and instead limited to jailbroken devices. To circumvent Apple’s App Store guidelines, over the past year StyleTap has developed and now launched the ‘StyleTap iOS Wrapper SDK‘, allowing Palm OS devs to wrap their apps in an iPhone app that’s ready to submit to Apple. Here’s how it works:

StyleTap Platform for iPhone® cannot currently be purchased through the Apple App Store because it provides capabilities (e.g.the ability to download other Palm applications) that are restricted by Apple. The StyleTap iOS Wrapper SDK allows you as a Palm application developer to create an iPhone (iOS) application that “wraps” a Palm application inside StyleTap Platform for iPhone in a way that removes all of the restricted capabilities. You can then submit the resulting iPhone application to be included in the Apple App Store.

StyleTap will provide devs with the StyleTap Platform designed for non-jailbroken iPhones through a template Xcode project that also includes instructions on configuring apps for submission to Apple. After devs throw their .prc and .pdb Palm application and license info into the StyleTap Platform setup, they will then have to build an iOS app. Of course devs will still have to be part of Apple’s Developer Program and StyleTap isn’t guaranteeing Apple will accept submitted apps. Also noteworthy is the fact that this enables organizations to deploy Palm apps to non-jailbroken iOS devices, and those apps don’t require submission to Apple.

No word on pricing for licenses, as the new iOS Wrapper SDK just launched and the company is taking it on a customer by customer basis. You can learn more and contact them here.

Porn Star Reclaims Lost iPhone Using iCloud And Borrowed Muscle

Porn star Jesse Jane has become one of the latest iOS users to recover a stolen purse — with her iPhone inside — using Apple’s Find My iPhone feature. After her device was stolen, Jane took to Twitter to inform her followers that she had successfully tracked down her device, and she kept them updated on its recovery.

Having discovered the device was in Hollywood, Jane enlisted the help of her friend, “Big Joe,” who took her to recover the device.

There’s no doubt that without the help of Find My iPhone, Jane wouldn’t have recovered her iPhone or her purse. She’s still looking for her diaphragm.

[via TUAW]

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FLUD Version 2.0 Hits the App Store – Here’s Why You Might Like It More Than FlipBoard

Reading the news on the iPad is one of the absolute best experiences you can have on Apple’s magical tablet device. So when news hit yesterday that our two favorite iOS news reader apps came out with updates, we were pretty stoked. While you probably heard a great deal about the other reader app, we wanted to tell you about the awesome news reader you might be missing out on. It’s called Flud, and it was just completely redesigned yesterday.

Besides sporting a major facelift, what’s spectacular about Flud is its new ability to make reading the news a social experience. Rather than relying solely on an app to recommend websites and content to you, Flud users have the ability to see what their friends are reading in the app and share content back with them rather than spamming their Facebook or Twitter feed with the 15 news stories they’ve read throughout the day. Giving each user the ability to create a “news personality,” Flud aims to change the way we consume news much in the same way that Spotify and Rdio have changed the way we listen to music, by allowing users to inspire and be inspired by others based on what they consume.

The New Design

iPad owners that are familiar with Flud will be surprised by the changes the company has made to the user interface. Throwing away the mosaic interface that condensed multiple news feeds into a heavy stream of updating tiles, Flud’s new UI feels more like sheets of a magazine that you can glance at and flip through with ease. Explaining the reasons for the changes, Flud’s CEO, Bobby Ghoshal, told Cult of Mac -

We wanted users to focus on one news stream at a time so that they could get the most out of each source. We noticed a lot of users found the mosaic interface to be too inundating. There was too much to to look at. This new approach gives the content a lot more room to breathe.

Focusing on feed sources individually provides the reader with a feeling of comfort and security that the old design was missing. Rather than being bombarded by 50 tiles representing a different story from separate feeds screaming for attention, users can now swipe through individual feed pages, preview content and then swipe to the next feed page. It’s a lot like browsing the web, only a lot more efficient, and user friendly. Users can get a synopsis of 10 websites via Flud in the same amount of time it would take to do so on an internet browser.








Making News Social

The new focused view on feeds allows readers to take more time with each feed to really absorb the content. Keeping readers in the app longer also fosters the growth of a social community that Flud will need for the app to gain ground on its competitors. Sharing stories is easy. Simply hit the heart icon in the righthand corner of every story you want to “flud” to your followers and the app takes care of the rest. You can share stories straight to Facebook and Twitter but that’s not the emphasis of Flud because the team behind the app hope that sharing news streams will become a two way stream, rather than a one way broadcasting lane.

We see the media space as having four facets; music, video, photos and news. Then I think of all the networks I use for each of those, where each product says something about my taste. I’ve got Spotify and iTunes for my music playlists, Youtube and Netflix for video, Facebook and Instagram for my photos, and yet the industry falls short on giving me something great for news. Flud is in a position to fill that void with a much more meaningful social integration. After you and your friends use Flud for a few days, you get to learn some amazing things about each other. For example, I’ve worked with my cofounder for two years but had no idea he was into gaming; now because of Flud, I can see all the gaming stuff that he Fluds everyday and I think that’s pretty great.

The idea behind Flud’s social layer makes a lot of sense for internet users who read multiple websites a day. On Facebook we share a few choice links with friends, but what if you want to see more of what your friend reads? The current cultures on Facebook and Twitter don’t take too kindly toward regular users that post 5-10 links a day. With Flud’s social features, sharing will shape reading experiences even more deeply than the attempts of previous social networks.



Competing Against FlipBoard

There’s no denying that FlipBoard is currently the premiere reader app on iOS. They’ve got a great team that have built an amazing product. But what might surprise you is how much Flud has produced over the last year, despite having a smaller team and fewer resources. In five months Flud built two products (iPhone and iPad app), wrote 4 million lines of code that resulted in 4 mobile app versions being tossed out, and transformed from an app developer to a social company. It took FlipBoard one year just to release their iPhone app (granted they were also perfecting their iPad app at the same time).

Flud has some of the best design in the mobile app space, and Flipboard does too. Flipboard focuses their time on the “lean-back” experience. We use all our time worrying about how to make information access faster and how to make social more meaningful for our users. In that sense, Flud was built for speed and relevance.”

In a way Flud doesn’t necessarily compete head on with Flipboard in terms of interface design and philosophy. They’re both great reader apps. You should put both of them on your iPhone and your iPad, but which one you choose to use really just depends on what you want to get out of the experience at that time. There’s no cut and dry way to determine which is better; Flud or FlipBoard. They both execute their philosophies really well, and provide a ton of value to their users.

I turn to FlipBoard when I’m feeling lazy. I let their curators tell me what’s great, and for the most part, they provide some really great content. But when I’m feeling adventurous and want to be in control, I turn to Flud to discover new websites that I haven’t heard about. If I want to get my news as fast as possible with a UI that’s a hell of a lot more entertaining than Twitter’s boring text heavy interface, then Flud is where the party is at. If I want to filter out all the crappy stories and just read the juicy bits in a beautiful digital magazine format, then I trust FlipBoard to provide me with that experience.


Whichever news reader platform you choose you’ll likely be delighted with new discoveries everyday.

Let us hear it in the comments – Which of the two reader apps do you prefer? Why?


Flud for iPhone and iPad is available for free in the App Store. Make sure to add Cult of Mac to your list of feeds.
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