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U.S. Cellular: iPhone isn’t cutting edge enough currently to consider

Speaking at the UBS 39th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference, TDS  (parent to US Cellular) CEO Ted Carlson said:

“We’re never going to say never about the iPhone. The iPhone for us would need to be at the cutting edge of where we’re going, and then there might be an opportunity to consider it.” U.S. Cellular revealed last month that it had the opportunity to sell the current, non-LTE iteration of the iPhone but decided against it because it was not the right economic fit for the regional carrier.

In context, US Cellular is in a drive to migrate its 26-state customer base to LTE.  Previously, it was revealed that the terms of the agreement for the iPhone  were reportedly “unacceptable”.

The Chicago, Illinois-headquartered company is the nation’s sixth-largest wireless carrier, serving about 6.1 million customers in half the country’s states.  Competitor C-spire, another regional carrier, was able to get the iPhone and is currently selling it.

Déjà vu: Looks like TJ Maxx may be selling iPad 2s for $399 tomorrow

You may remember TJ Maxx’s $399 iPad sale late in 2010, and now you can prepare for that to happen again. The Verge has word from a tipster that TJ Maxx will be selling the iPad 2 16GB for $399 in its stores tomorrow. Supplies will reportedly be low (around 15 per store), so get there early. TJ Maxx is yet to confirm this sale, so you should call your store in the morning if you’re interested. This sale is most likely unauthorized by Apple with Steve Jobs telling a 9to5Mac reader last year that TJ Maxx isn’t an official Apple reseller.

Update: The sale is confirmed to be going on today. Call your local TJ Maxx to see if they have them in stock, because we’re hearing there’s only about 25 per store. Our original tip from last night:

If you call the TJ MAXX in Lakewood ,NY they confirmed to me they are selling it for 399 tommorrow and have 25 in stock!!!

Carrier IQ is on some iOS devices, but doesn’t appear as nefarious as on other platforms

The bad news is that yes, Carrier IQ is running on iPhones right now, as we speak.  Carrier IQ, you’ll recall is the rootkit that Carriers put on many of their phones to monitor customer usage.  As a security researcher found out, Carrier IQ monitors keystrokes and sends that back to its own servers.  On Apple’s devices, it appears to have been cut off from such activities.  Developer chpwn breaks it down:

Carrier IQ, the now infamous “rootkit” or “keylogger”, is not just for Android, Symbian,BlackBerry, and even webOS. In fact, up through and including iOS 5, Apple has included a copy of Carrier IQ on the iPhone. However, it does appears to be disabled along with diagnostics enabled on iOS 5; older versions may send back information in more cases. Because of that, if you want to disable Carrier IQ on your iOS 5 device, turning off “Diagnostics and Usage” in Settings appears to be enough.

So it appears that on iOS it stores less information, and it doesn’t seem to be sending anything as long as ‘Diagnostics and Usage’ (iOS 5) is turned off – which is the default (you are asked to enable it during the iOS5 setup). On older versions of iOS, especially v3, it appears to be sending data without a toggle.

Verizon representatives have said that they do not run Carrier IQ on their devices which include iPhones, iPads, and Android, Blackberry and other devices.  Other carriers have yet to make a statement on the matter but Carrier IQ brags on its homepage that it tracks information on 141 million devices (and counting) which is about half of the US population.

On iPhones where Carrier IQ is activated, it appears to send the following information back to the servers:

  • CoreTelephony
    • your phone number
    • your carrier
    • your country
    • active phone calls
      • (However, I only saw it noting that a phone call was active, not what number was dialed or it was received from. But, I am not going to claim it doesn’t do that: it’s certainly possible, but didn’t see it.)
  • CoreLocation
    • your location (Only, however, if Location Services are enabled.)
  • (Possibly more I haven’t yet found.)
Interestingly, the only devices found to be entirely free of Carrier ID are Google’s Nexus products and Windows Phone 7.

Apple acknowledges Siri abortion clinic concerns, says fix rolling out in coming weeks

A petition has been floating around this afternoon railing Apple for being ‘anti-choice’ extremist, because Siri won’t serve up Siri results for Abortion providers, instead leading users to “anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers”(CPCs). Groups like NARAL want Apple to take action:

News reports have documented that, in some instances, Siri responded to a question concerning where to find abortion providers by directing an individual to anti-choice organizations known as “crisis pregnancy centers”(CPCs). Anti-choice groups created CPCs to look like comprehensive health clinics, but many do not provide women with accurate pregnancy-related information. This issue is especially important to us at NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation, as our state affiliates in California, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia have produced reports that document these deceptive practices. Many of these centers are not up front about their anti-abortion, anti-contraception agenda when advertising online or in other channels. For instance, many CPCs do not disclose their bias to women who walk through their doors or call their toll-free lines seeking information. Ultimately, many of these centers can be harmful and do nothing to help women locate the services they requested from Siri.

The petition is issued straight to CEO Tim Cook with almost 20,000 backers. But is Apple really at fault here?  Just like when Google’s search algorithm pulls up manipulated results (like Santorum), Apple and its location partners like Yelp are pulling up manipulated results.  Still, Apple plans on fixing this issue.

The NY Times asked Apple about the matter and got a response from PR Rep Natalie Kerris.   She basically said that this isn’t intentional and that Siri is a beta product that will see changes in the coming weeks.

“Our customers want to use Siri to find out all types of information, and while it can find a lot, it doesn’t always find what you want,” said Natalie Kerris, a spokeswoman for Apple, in a phone interview late Wednesday. “These are not intentional omissions meant to offend anyone. It simply means that as we bring Siri from beta to a final product, we find places where we can do better, and we will in the coming weeks.”

It’s apparent that Apple still has a few kinks to hammer out when it comes to Siri, and that’s obviously why they’re still calling it a beta product. Siri has also seen its first pro-longed outage and doesn’t return with the search results some would like. Still, it is much better than anything else out there.

Did the Kindle outsell the iPad at Best Buy last weekend?


Some are saying that just because the Kindle sits atop the BestBuy.com “Best Selling” tablets category, it is outselling the iPad 2.

Not so fast.

There is exactly one model of Kindle Fire, while there are about 16 models of iPad, two of which are second and third on the list and iPads make up a majority of the top 15 list.  Did number 1 outnumber #2+#3+#5+#6…?

Could the Fire be the top selling tablet at Best Buy still?  Sure (unlikely), but there is no way to tell from the data provided.

And that’s before you get the to the whole $199, making money on the razor blades business model.

iOS 5.1 roundup: new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV references, minor tweaks

Image via AppAdvice

Yesterday was iOS 5.1 day, and we broke the news on everything relating to the beta release. End users won’t find any new features in the operating system, but the release was gold for those interested in the future of iOS hardware. Here’s our roundup of the new devices found in iOS 5.1:

-The sixth-generation iPhone:

Located deep inside the iOS 5.1 file system is a reference to an iPhone 5,1. As explained yesterday, a 5,1 identifier is significant as it means this next-generation iPhone will pack in a new processor. The A6 in all likelihood.

-The iPad 3 and a new iPad 2:

-Located in the file system is a reference to a third iPad 3 model, perhaps a carrier variation, known as iPad 3,3. Even more interesting is an iPad 2,4 reference: an updated iPad 2 that is either a carrier variation, a GSM+CDMA dual-mode device, a Sprint iPad 2, or something completely new.

-The next Apple TV:

-We were able to find the J33 codename for the Apple TV 3,1 in addition to references calling for this new Apple TV to carry Bluetooth 4.0/Smart capabilities.

New user features:

There is hardly anything noticeable save for iTunes Match streaming over 3G and extremely minor keyboard enhancement in the iOS Mail application. Apple is also more open about geo-fencing (such as in Reminders.app) in the location services preferences (Thanks Jonathan). If you find anything else please let us know at tips@9to5mac.com.

Here’s how you can try out Windows Phone on your iPhone


Curious to see how Windows Phone feels, but don’t have a device around to do so? Us neither. But Microsoft has just released a new HTML 5 website that allows iPhone and Android users to get a taste of the Windows Phone 7 (Mango 7.5) operating system. The trial requires no downloads or registration, and you can try it out by just going to the webpage http://aka.ms/wpdemo on your mobile device.

While it doesn’t use any of the data on your phone like your contacts, the demo does give you a pretty comprehensive look at all of Windows Phone’s features. Microsoft uses a blue dot to guide you around the operating system, and obviously some features like voice recognition just don’t work in the browser. Drat, that’s something we really wanted to try.

Will this draw users over to the Windows Phone platform? Probably not, but it’s always cool to see what the competition is up to.

via Gizmodo