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News: With a heavy focus on its new Creative Cloud subscriptions lately (currently 60% off), TechHive confirmed with Adobe yesterday that it is cutting off physical, boxed sales of its Creative Suite apps.

As Adobe continues to focus on delivering world-class innovation through Creative Cloud and digital fulfillment, we will be phasing out shrink-wrapped, boxed versions of Creative Suite and Acrobat products.”

Readdle-CalendarGoogle Shopper version 3.2: Google has updated its Google Shopper app for iOS today with new features including a new category result page, larger product images in a new slideshow mode, as well as “improvements to search locale detection, stability, and performance.”

Calendars by Readdle: Readdle has rebranded its paid Calendars app to “Calendars+” today in order to make room for a brand new free app that takes over the “Calendars by Readdle” name. The new free app features a UI and features similar to Readdle’s previous Calendars app, which the company tells us now has over 500,000 users.

Calendars lets you manage events both online and offline. Thanks to the unique interface you can move events simply with Drag & Drop, navigate quickly between dates, change event time and reminders rapidly with custom keyboards. Calendars supports everything you can find in Google Calendar: appointments, SMS reminders and more. Sync is really fast and your information is always up to date.

Roku version 2.1.2: The app that allows you to control your Roku from your iPhone gets official support for the Roku 3 player today:

• Support for Roku 3 player
• Minor fixes

Snapguide version 1.1.3: New photo editing features, search filters, and more:

- Introducing photo editing features! When creating a guide, you can now rotate and enhance images.
- Easily find guides you have liked. You can now filter liked guides by topics such as Food, Arts and Crafts and more!
- Bug Fixes.

Cubasis version 1.2: A massive update today for Steinberg’s iPad version of Cubase brings a ton of new features and fixes:

- Cubasis now supports up to 24 physical inputs giving you the possibility to record up to 24 audio tracks simultaneously!
- New information overlay for UNDO/REDO operations.
- Effect windows will now open immediately after they have been inserted.
- The overall stability of the app has been improved.
- The Audiobus integration has been improved and many user reported problems have been solved.
- Resolves a problem that occurred when undo and redo could lead to loss of audio data in some cases.
- Loading a project that contains Audiobus tracks no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
- Recording audio tracks that are assigned to the microphone input of Audiobus work now as expected.
- Virtual MIDI can now be chosen in the MIDI connections panel of the inspector (independent of connected hardware devices or MIDI network connection settings).
- Importing zipped Cubasis project files that contain audio data no longer lead to missing audio files.
- The overall level of an audio mixdown no longer differs from the master output level of a project.

Much more here…

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Editor: Adobe announced today that it is releasing Photoshop Elements 11 Editor on the Mac App Store. Originally released in September, the Mac App Store app is available now for US$79.99 in English, French, German, and Japanese:

·Pro-level effects such as tilt-shit, vignettes and high and low-key are easy to create with expanded Guided Edits
·New filters – Comic, Graphic Novel and Pen & Ink –turn photos into stunning illustrations
·Intelligent Photoshop technology makes it easy to extract objects from different photos
·Once polishing is complete, share photos via email, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo

Angry Birds Seasons version 3.2.0: New power ups and more:

Angry Birds Seasons now has power-ups! Check out your old favorites Sling Scope and Super Seed, and get ready for the never-before-seen HOMING BIRD! This hog-seeking hero will head with missile force for the first pig to enter his radar! PLUS: earn stars and Mighty Eagle feathers to unlock up to EIGHT NEW LEVELS in Winter Wonderham and Haunted Hogs!

Angry Birds RIO version 1.6.0: 36 new levels and more for Angry Birds RIO. The HD iPad version received the same update:

-Samba through 36 NEW LEVELS!
-Explore an all new episode!
-Collect all the hidden fruit to unlock a new bonus level!
-Face off against the marmoset king in a thrilling boss fight!

Google Brings A New Look & New Features To Google Shopper For Android & iOS

Google has been busy rolling out updates to its mobile apps this week, making big improvements to the Gmail and YouTube app for iOS. But it seems the company hasn’t quite finished yet. It just rolled out some major changes to Google Shopper for Android and iOS — including a new look and new features — which are sure to make Christmas shopping on your smartphone a great deal easier.

Google Shopper version 3.0 introduces a brand new look to the smartphone app, which delivers larger product images and promises faster navigation.

It also allows you to search for apparel and accessories more effectively with image-centric search results, and thanks to GoodGuide ratings integration, you can see whether a product’s worth your hard-earned cash before you purchase it.

Google has also added support for push notifications to help you “find out about great new features and content,” and a retail promotions feature that will find you the best deals online.

For Android users, this update also fixes a bug that caused the app to crash at startup for some users.

You can find Google Shopper 3.0 in the App Store and Google Play now, and it’s free to download.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Google Shopper 3.0, Evernote, SoundCloud, Snapseed, more

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour: A few big games are hitting the App Store today. Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City started hitting the store last night, and today we get the latest instalment from Gameloft’s Modern Combat series, “Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour”.

The #1 FPS is back on smartphone with a new chapter to push the boundaries of mobile gaming even further. In the wake of a nuclear disaster, the only chance to avoid global devastation is in the hands of the few elite soldiers who must track down and rescue the world’s leaders from a frighteningly familiar terrorist group.

Google Shopper iOS app 3.0Google Shopper version 3.0: Google has released a brand new version of its Google Shopper app today bringing a new, faster UI with larger images, a new sales screen, more effective search for apparel “with image-centric search results,” and much more:

* New UI with faster navigation and bigger images.
* Discover sales and special offers in your area from the new sales screen.
* Search for apparel and accessories more effectively with image-centric search results.
* Make more informed buying decisions with GoodGuide product ratings.
* Get great deals online with retail promotions.
* Find out about new features and content with push notifications.

SoundCloud version 2.4: A few nice improvements and new features to the SoundCloud iOS app:

- Introducing Reposts: sounds you repost will appear in your stream.
- New search with suggestions and more relevant results
- Improved Facebook integration
- Visually enhanced welcome screens for new users
- Streaming improvements and bug fixing

Evernote version 5.1: Version 5.1 of the Evernote iPhone and iPad apps brings Evernote Business support a business themed notebook design, the ability hide the premium view, and more:

- Evernote Business support, including new Business Notebook design
- Sort by created date and note counts in all note lists
- Premium users can hide the Premium View
- Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements

Snapseed version 1.5: As we told you earlier, the Google-acquired Snapseed iOS has gone free to celebrate the introduction of version 1.5 and new Android app. The update also includes the following improvements:

• Now free!
• New icon!
• Built-in Google+ sharing functionality!
• New Retrolux filter! Use one of the newly created film styles, combined with a range of different scratches and textures as well as light leaks to create a truly retro look for your photos.
• Updated Frames filter! Now includes a wide range of new, high quality photographic frames. Colorize the frame edges to match the look of your image or switch to square mode with a single tap.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out version 4.0.0:

There’s snow in Springfield! Time to get in the festive spirit with all-new yuletide décor for the Holidays. Enjoy new limited-edition characters, buildings, quests, and more. Plus, collect Santa Coins to get seasonal façades for all your Tapped Out homes.

Clutch Shopping: Just launched, Clutch Shopping is a slick new iPhone app designed specifically to provide one easy place to access a mobile wallet, coupons, daily deals, shopping searches, shopping lists, price comparisons and gifting. The app is available for free on the App Store now.


iOS apps:

Mac apps:

8 great Mac Bundles | We have a list of 8 of the best Mac software bundles currently available.Check it out here.

Use Your iPhone To Be A Super Santa This Christmas [2011 Holiday App Guide]

With access to over half a million apps in the App Store, getting things done on our iPhones has never been easier. So instead of running around like a headless chicken this Christmas Eve in a desperate bid to buy gifts for all your friends and family, why not sit back, stick your feet up, and do you Christmas shopping on your iPhone?

We’ve compiled a list of the App Store’s best apps for Christmas shopping that will help you plan, save, shop and send cards directly right from the palm of your hand.


Gift Plan — $2.99

Before you start spending your money, you’re going to want to prepare yourself so that you don’t exceed your budget halfway through, and to ensure that no one’s forgotten about. Gift Plan will help you do just that. First it imports your selected friends and family from either your contacts list, or from Facebook. It then allows you to note a ton of useful information for each individual; such as their likes and dislikes, their sizes, gift ideas, and the things you’ve already bought for them.

The earlier you start using this app and making notes, the easier your Christmas shopping will be. And the great thing about Gift Plan is, it isn’t just for Christmas — it’ll also import birthdays and means you’ll never miss a special day again!

No More Socks — $1.99

No More Socks: The Christmas List Genius is another terrific app for creating Christmas wish-lists. Add all the people you want to buy for this year, then start collecting ideas with notes and photographs. What’s great about No More Socks is that you can do shopping from directly within the app if you wish, and you can find inspiration from other No More Socks users via the online community.

Just like Gift Plan you can import contacts from your address book, and use the app for birthdays and other special occasions. You can also export your shopping lists, bookmarks, and ideas to your computer via email.


Groupon — Free

Christmas almost always has a huge impact on your wallet, but there are some things you can do to ease the pain, such as using apps like Groupon. Groupon not only finds great deals in your hometown, but it also finds great deals and discounts online. You can buy products directly within the app, typically with 50% to 90% off each item, which means you could save yourself a small fortune.

ShopSavvy — Free

When you do find yourself out and about, having ShopSavvy on your iPhone can be a huge help, and it can save you a ton. Let’s say you’re in Best Buy and you find a gift that’s just perfect for your partner, but it’s a little pricey. Scan its barcode with ShopSavvy and it will quickly find you the best price online, and the best price in stores.

Once you’ve found the item at a price you’re happy with, you can choose to buy it instantly online, or save it for purchasing later. ShopSavvy also features free shipping promotions, coupon codes, rebates, weekend sales and more.


Apple Store — Free

Now that you’ve compiled your lists and established who you’re buying for, there’s no better place to start your shopping than with the official Apple Store app. You can find gifts for the whole family in the Apple Store (providing you have the budget, of course), and with Apple’s latest update, it’s never been easier to shop. The app provides access to all the products you’ll find in Apple’s online store, including Macs, iPhones, iPods, iPads, and a ton of third-party accessories.

Once you’ve selected the items you’d like to purchase, you can have them delivered to your home, you can collect the from your nearest Apple store, or you can have them delivered directly to their recipient in time for Christmas Day. What’s more, Apple will gift wrap and engrave selected items absolutely free.

Amazon Mobile — Free

For those who aren’t into the latest Apple gadgets, Amazon is the perfect place to make your purchases. As the world’s largest online retailer, you’re almost guaranteed to find gifts for all the family on Amazon. And if it’s on Amazon, it’s on the Amazon Mobile app for iPhone.

This free app allows you to browse products by category, which makes it easier to pick gifts for those with specific interests. You can then compare prices, read reviews, and make quick and easy purchases that are delivered right to your door. Like Gift Plan, the Amazon app also allows you to create wish-lists for all the people you have to buy for. But what’s really great about this app is that it has an awesome feature called “Snap It,” which allows you to take a picture of an item from virtually anywhere and have Amazon find it for you.

Google Shopper — Free

Google Shopper is very much like Amazon Mobile, however, unlike Amazon it allows you to search for products in local retail stores. Simply search for the products you wish to purchase — either using keywords, photos, barcodes, or your voice — and Google will search millions of products to find you the best deal online and in stores.

You can browse product specifications, user reviews, and watch promotional videos for certain items. The app also has Google Offers built-in, which provides you with daily deals for all kinds of awesome gifts.

Etsy — Free

If you’re looking for gifts that are really unique, Etsy may have the answer. It features over 11 million wonderfully creative items from small businesses all over the world. You can search for handmade products, vintage items, and browse popular “Treasury Lists.”

Etsy features some really terrific gifts that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else, and you can make all your purchases directly on your iPhone. That means you only have to leave your chair when the postman arrives.

eBay — Free

Sometimes, possibly just to be difficult, your loved ones will request a gift that’s no longer available in stores, and you’ll have no choice but to buy secondhand. That’s when the eBay app for iPhone becomes a godsend. With this app, you can search every eBay listing from the palm of your hand, and make bids and purchases.

The great thing about the eBay app is that it will alert you when you’re outbid on your items, or when items you are watching are close to ending. It’ll also allow you to scan barcodes using your camera. This app’s so useful that many users, including myself, prefer to use this that eBay’s website. And don’t forget that eBay doesn’t just do secondhand goods — they are also plenty of new bargains from all kinds of retailers.

Your Favorite Retailers…

There are also a ton of free apps from countless retailers (too many to list here!) that will help you get your shopping done on your iPhone. All you need to do is search for your favorite retailers in the App Store to find official apps from the likes of Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Toys “R” Us, Macy’s, The Home Depot, H&M, JCPenney, Sears, and lots, lots more.


Holiday Cards by Sincerely Ink — Free

What about those friends who you don’t want to buy gifts for, but you would like to send a nice card. Well, with apps like Holiday Cards by Sincerely Ink, you can pick and send awesome cards directly from your iPhone. Choose from over 30 photo cards and illustrated designs, with various different themes. Personalize them with photos, names, and a personal message for as little as $1.69 each; then have them delivered to the U.S., U.K., Europe and Canada in under 7 days, or to other territories within 1-2 weeks.

Cards — Free

Apple’s own Cards app is also a wonderful way to send greetings cards from your iPhone, and its centuries-old letterpress techniques make for cards that are really unique. You can choose from over 21 designs which can be customized with personal messages and photos, then have them delivered for as little as $2.99. The great thing about Cards is it can use the information stores in your address book so you don’t have to input it all yourself.

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