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iFixit tears down the Apple Watch Sport revealing the Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, more


As the Apple Watch slowly starts arriving to customers, the folks at iFixit have gotten their hands on the device and have started the teardown process. As usual, the site has shared detailed images of the teardown process and anecdotes along the way.

The images give us the first look inside Apple Watch Sport, including a look at the Taptic Engine and Digital Crown. iFixit also notes that the antenna features Apple’s classic gold treatment as also seen on the 2015 Retina MacBook, giving even the entry-level Apple Watch Sport a hint of luxury.

Furthermore, the teardown images show the internals of the Apple Watch compared to the internals of a classic mechanical watch. The teardown experts point out that while the required tools to repair an Apple Watch are different from those required for a mechanical watch, the process will not be easy and will most likely require an expert.

The battery of the Apple Watch is right on top once the display is removed. The battery is also only slightly adhered to the inside of the device, which means it comes out relatively easily.

iFixit’s teardown is ongoing, so head to their site for high-resolution images and more notes as they become available.

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First Apple Watch orders now being delivered to customers as Apple updates website: ‘The Watch is here’


Although the US will not receive their watches for a few more hours yet due to timezone discrepancies, some international customers have already taken delivery of their Apple Watch orders. For instance, some customers in Australia are now receiving their Watches, such as the one pictured above.

The image also clearly shows the packaging for the Apple Watch Sport finally. Unlike the gold Edition and stainless Watch models, the Sport is shipped in an elongated skinny rectangle with the Watch laid flat across the box.

More photos after the break …

In coordination with the device’s debut, Apple is also updating its website to promote the Watch. It now proclaims ‘The Watch is here’ after months of teasing and build up.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 00.09.03

Earlier today, Apple also rolled out the Apple Watch App Store and User Guide in preparation for the launch. Although many customers are receiving their Watch orders tomorrow, a lot aren’t with online preorders still sold out. Apple Retail Store availability is not expected until June at the earliest.


Instagram Photo

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Hands-on: Apple’s all-new Music app in iOS 8.4

IMG_0671 IMG_0669 IMG_0670

With the release of the first developer beta of iOS 8.4 this evening, Apple gave us the first look at the oft-rumored redesign of the Music app. With the expected announcement of Apple’s streaming music service happening in June, the Music app redesign has been expected for several months now. The newly introduced Music app offers a handful of new features in the first beta of iOS 8.4, as well as a redesigned interface that’s similar to iTunes on the Mac. Let’s take a brief look…

When you first open the new Music app you’ll quickly notice that the standard tabbed interface has been changed dramatically. Along the bottom of the app are now three tabs for “My Music,” “Playlists,” and “Radio.” You can swipe left and right to navigate between the interfaces. The “My Music” interface shows your recently added music along the top, similar to the recently added section in iTunes on the Mac. Unfortunately, however, you only see the three most recent items added. The interface makes it look like you should be able to scroll horizontally to view more, but you can’t as of beta 1. Although, there is a “more” button that allows to view additional recently added content in the upper right corner.

Below the “Recently Added” section is all of your music, whether it is stored locally on your device or in the cloud. By default, the music is broken up by artist, although there is an arrow you can tap to choose to sort by artists, albums, songs, music videos, genres, composers, or complications. If you click the three dots next to a selection, you have the ability to play it next, add it to Up Next, make it available offline, and delete it. Gone is the ability to swipe left to delete a song and gone is the cloud icon that used to allow you to download a song. You now have to click the three dots to perform either of those tasks.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.07.13 PM IMG_0682 IMG_0683

One of my favorite features in the iOS 8.4 Music app is the ability to manage your queue of songs. Apple has offered this in iTunes on the Mac for a while now, but never on iOS. With iOS 8.4, however, you can now choose to play a song next, or add it to your full queue. Spotify and other music apps offer features similar to this, so it’s nice to see Apple finally catching on.

Tapping on an artist from the artists page will bring you to all of the content you own by that specific musician. With a hero image at the top that fades to be the color the top menu bar as you scroll down, it’s a really pleasing interface. It can get a bit overwhelming if you have a lot of content by a single artist, but no more so than the original iOS 8 music player did.

No matter where you go in the new Music app, you’ll always see a playback bar at the bottom the interface with the ability to play or pause a song. Swiping up on the menu bar will pull up the newly designed player user interface.

IMG_0673 IMG_0672

The player interface itself in iOS 8.4 has been dramatically overhauled. The album artwork takes up roughly half of the interface, while the controls take up the other portion. Along the bottom of the interface are options for shuffling, repeating, viewing your queue, deleting the track, and downloading the track. The bottom portion of the interface is somewhat translucent with the shade adjusting depending on the color of the album to which you’re listening. To get out of the player interface, you can either click the down air in the upper right corner or swipe down on the album artwork.  Overall, I like the new player interface and how spread out it is compared to the original iOS 8 Music app.

Moving to the Playlists interface you’ll see another recently added section at the top for your recently modified or created playlists. Below that is a list of all your playlists with the ability to edit and delete them, as well as create new ones. The Playlists interface is somewhat bland at this point, with there being no options to sort or order them. Although it’s important to keep in mind that this is the first beta of the app, so Apple can and will adjust things as time progresses.

IMG_0671 IMG_0680 IMG_0679

Finally, the Radio tab shows your recently three most recently played stations along the top. Below your recently played stations are the featured stations from Apple, with more featured stations broken down my genre visible below that. As of beta 1, there doesn’t appear to be any way to view your saved iTunes Radio stations. Instead, you rely solely on your recently played stations and search to find content other than what is featured by Apple.

The iTunes Radio interface almost feels cramped with the iOS 8.4 Music app. The album artwork for stations is so large and pushed together that it’s somewhat cluttered. Also, Apple needs to add back the ability to save iTunes Radio stations. It’s a pain to have to search every time you want to find a station to listen to. Also gone is the “info” screen that allowed you to tune stations and choose between clean and explicit versions of tracks. Again, this is a beta so things can and will change.

Overall, the Music interface Apple has previewed with the first developer beta of iOS 8.4 is promising. Its similarity to iTunes on the Mac will make it familiar to many users. There are still some areas in which Apple needs to improve it, however, and that’s to be expected with a beta. Some of the buttons are awkwardly small, while the iTunes Radio interface is cluttered and unintuitive. Nevertheless, I’m a fan of the overall design direction Apple has taken the Music app and I think, especially when coupled with a streaming music service, it will be unmatched by its rivals. More images below:

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.07.13 PM IMG_0685 IMG_0684 IMG_0683 IMG_0682 IMG_0681 IMG_0680 IMG_0679 IMG_0674 IMG_0673 IMG_0672 IMG_0671 IMG_0670 IMG_0669 IMG_0678 IMG_0677 IMG_0676 IMG_0675
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Dropbox’s Carousel photo & video gallery app arrives on iPad & web

Carousel-ipad-01 Carousel-ipad-02

First launched on iPhone earlier this year, Dropbox announced today that it’s launching its Carousel photo and video gallery app for iPad users. The company is also bringing the experience to the web at carousel.dropbox.com.

Part of making the best home for your photos is giving you a fast, simple, beautiful way to engage with your pictures, however and wherever you want. Today, we’re excited to announce big steps towards that goal: Carousel for web, iPad, and Android tablet.

In addition, the iOS apps add the ability to share to Instagram and WhatsApp with today’s update.

The Carousel app offers easy sharing of one or multiple photos to contacts or email addresses and allows users to get around many of the upload limitations usually associated with sharing photos. With everything backed up in full resolution directly to Dropbox, the app is essentially a standalone experience for managing to photos and videos stored in Dropbox.

A look at the Carousel UI for web is below:


The Carousel for iPad app is available on the App Store now for free.

What’s New in Version 1.7

We’ve updated Carousel with one of your most requested features: support for iPad! Now, view your photos and continue conversations on a bigger screen.

Plus, we’ve added support for posting to Instagram and WhatsApp!

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