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Intuit debuts redesigned Quicken 2015 for Mac with free mobile apps

Quicken 2015

Intuit is out today with a new version of its personal finance app with the release of Quicken 2015 for Mac. The latest version of Quicken boasts an overhauled design to simplify the app as well as “new investment capabilities”, Intuit says. The new Mac version is accompanied by a sync compatible, updated Quicken Money Management app for iPhone which supports snapping and saving receipts as well as displaying charts on-the-go…

Intuit says the new version of Quicken carries over the features from previous versions and introduces new capabilities as well.

This includes the ability to view and manage financial statements from “14,500 different banks, credit cards, loan and investment accounts” to assist with tracking money spent as well as creating and managing budgets and scheduling bill pay. Below you can see what’s new in the latest version of Quicken for Mac.

Quicken 2015 for Mac lets users:

Make smart financial decisions on the go: The free mobile companion app syncs customer data across desktop and mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android. Quicken users can check account balances, transactions and household budgets anywhere at any time, and snap a photo to store receipts to keep track of important purchases.

Easily track portfolios and plan for taxes: Detailed investment tracking allows users to view and track portfolio value, investment transactions, cost basis, unrealized and realized gains, and create Schedule D tax reports for capital gains. The product simplifies tax time by tracking deductions and creating tax reports.

View and understand finances in a flash: A refreshed interface optimized for OS X makes it easy for users to see where they stand with their finances.

As for product commitment (you probably recall Intuit’s history with keeping Quicken up-to-date with the Mac’s move from Intel and OS X Lion’s support drop for Rosetta), Intuit’s Consumer Ecosystem Group SVP and general manager Barry Saik said in a press release:

“With Quicken 2015 for Mac, we’re reaffirming our commitment to serving our loyal Apple customers and delivering the dependable, easy-to-use solutions they’ve come to expect.”

In addition to the those features, Intuit says it expects to release new features and capabilities regularly through the year to continue making Quicken a better product.

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For now, Quicken users can pick up the new version of Intuit’s finance software digitally from the Mac App Store or Amazon for $74.99, and the company says a boxed version will be available in retail stores later this fall starting in October. As for the mobile Quicken users, those can be downloaded for free from the App Store on iOS and Play Store on Android.

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Yahoo Finance updated with new design, pre- and after-market data, news section, more

yahoo finance yahoo finance yahoo finance

Yahoo has released a new version of its Finance app for iPhone and iPad featuring the addition of a new tab bar for quicker navigation and other visual changes. The update still features the basement view on the left as well as the search view for adding stocks to your watch list on the right, but the overall app is organized much cleaner now.

The new tab bar consists of the primary Home view for information related to stocks you’re tracking, a new News tab for following general finance news and information, and a Markets view for an overview of U.S., Europe, and Asia finance data.

The updated version of Yahoo Finance also adds support for viewing pre-market and after-market data for items on your watch list. Yahoo Finance 2.2 for iPhone and iPad is available on the App Store.

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How Jack Dorsey approached the payments market: As a buyer

What does Jack Dorsey know about retail point-of-sale systems? That was the big question potential investors had for Square’s founder and CEO when he sought their funding five years ago, Dorsey said on stage at Gigaom’s RoadMap conference Tuesday.

“People would look at Square and they would say ‘your previous life was about micro-blogging what you had for breakfast,’” the Twitter co-founder said. “’Why do you think you can move money around? You’ve never worked in finance, you’ve never dealt with credit cards. Sellers aren’t the sexiest thing in the world.’ This was all their perception.”

At the time Dorsey didn’t have a definitive answer. In fact, he gave investors a lot of reasons why Square could fail, which probably cost Square a lot of interest from prominent VCs, Dorsey recalled.

But Dorsey has an answer now. Square’s engineers and designers may not be merchants or bankers. They may not have had much experience building the card readers and financial transaction networks that power plastic commerce, but they all were buyers of retail goods. According to Dorsey:

“We wanted to make something internally that we feel great about, that we feel is something that feels really amazing, that feels really stunning, that feels like something we want to use everyday. That was very, very hard in the early days of the company because a lot of us in the company — we’re not merchants, we’re not sellers. We’re not building for people who are us.

“When you’re building for yourself, it’s easy to have passion. It’s easy to have drive. But when you’re not, it becomes much, much harder. One of the framings that we got into was that we are all buyers. We love these merchants that we go to. We love these places like Blue Bottle and Sightglass Coffee. We want to do right by them. We want to have a great experience as well. We don’t want to have them wait and try to figure out an ugly point-of-sale system and all of these mechanical things, because that actually impacts the time that I spend in line or the time it takes to get the cappuccino that I just ordered.”

Square stepped back from the payment transaction and all of its component parts and approached commerce as an interaction between two people. It then sought to simplify that interaction as much as possible, Dorsey said. The result was Square Reader, but the company applied that same principle to its other products, from Square Stand and Market to its new peer-to-peer payments service Square Cash.

“It’s not about technology disappearing or how we design things, or how we engineer things,” Dorsey said. “This is what we want to use every single day, and we hope it resonates with other people. We’re making the bet it’s going to resonate with other people. We go out as far as we can, and we just work backwards. We break it into small problems. To me, a lot of what great engineering and design is, is taking something that is very large and very complex and breaking it into simple problems.”

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