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Pebble Says “Something Special” Is Coming At CES This Year

The creators of the incredibly popular smartwatch, Pebble, which came alive in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign last year, published a press release yesterday stating that it will be bringing “something special” to this year’s Consumer Electronics show, on

Pebble Says ‘Something Special’ Is Coming At CES This Year

The creators of the incredibly popular Pebble smartwatch, which came alive in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign last year, said yesterday that they will be bringing “something special” to this year’s International CES in Las Vegas. Eric Migicovsky, the

New iPad To Be Announced June 18th, Says Casemaker


A new case mould showing of the fifth-generation iPad’s new design has surfaced today, alongside a date on which Apple will announce the device. As expected, the mould points to an all-new thinner form factor for the device, with narrow bezels down either side of the display, much like the iPad mini.

The source of the mould claims the iPad 5 will be announced on June 18, which could see its unveiling during WWDC.

The mould surfaced in the Far East, and was picked up by Tactus.com. As you can see from the image below, comparing an fifth-generation iPad case (green) with a fourth-generation iPad case (blue), the device is set to be significantly narrower — thanks to those thinner bezels — while keeping the same 9.7-inch display.


The speakers will also move to the bottom of the device either side of the Lightning connector, just like the iPad mini. According to Tactus, the new iPad won’t just be narrower, but also “a lot thinner” and lighter. It will be “close to what the iPad mini is in terms of depth.”

So when will we see it? Well, Tactus claims Apple will announce the device at a media event on June 18, months earlier than most reports have been suggesting. It’s unclear whether a new iPad mini will be announced alongside it, but we’d expect all iPad models to be refreshed at the same time from now on.

That date puts the unveiling around WWDC time, and suggests the new iPad could be unveiled alongside iOS 7, Apple’s next-generation OS. However, the device is likely to launch running iOS 6, with iOS 7 making its public debut later this fall with the new iPhone.

We cannot confirm this information is accurate, of course, but it gives us a good idea of what the fifth-generation iPad will look like based on all the rumors. There’s every chance this case mould was built based on those rumors — and not on official information from Apple — but nevertheless, this is what we all expect the new iPad to look like.


Source: Tactus.com


98% Of Apple Retail Stores In U.S. Have No Apple TV Stock Left Ahead Of Rumored Refresh

Stock of the Apple TV has been quickly dwindling across Apple retail stores in the U.S. in recent months, fueling speculation that the device will soon be replaced by a new model with the “J33″ codename that recently popped up in the company’s iOS 5.1 beta software.

One report claims that 98% of Apple retail stores in the U.S. now have no Apple TV stock at all.

MacRumors reports that more and more Apple stores are running out of the current Apple TV, with just four of the 250 U.S. stores with the Apple TV available for immediate pickup:

By our most recent count, 98% of Apple’s 246 U.S. stores are currently out of stock, leaving only four with the Apple TV available for immediate pickup during store hours.

Those four stores include:

If you attempt to order an Apple TV from a store without stock, the earliest date for pickup is March 9. Some stores won’t have availability until March 15, according to the report.

Apple’s online store continues to show the device as “in stock” and available for ordering, with estimated shipping for Thursday, March 8 — one day after Apple’s media event — if customers choose the free delivery option. Pay for next day delivery, however, and your Apple TV will arrive on Wednesday, March 7, apparently.

With numerous reports suggesting a new Apple TV is one the way, and little stock available for the current model, it’s looking increasingly likely that a new model will be accompanying Apple’s next-generation iPad at tomorrow’s event. Will it be Tim Cook’s “one more thing”?

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Apple Will Hold ‘Unusual’ Event In February, But It Won’t Be To Unveil The iPad 3

Dreams of an iPad 3 announcement this month have been shattered by the same publication that initially claimed when the device would get its grand unveiling. It is now reporting the much-anticipated third-generation device won’t be uncovered until March — as we had always expected — but that Apple still has plans for an “unusual” event this month.

Rumors claiming Apple would unveil the iPad 3 this month started surfacing back in January, when the Japanese blog Macotakara cited sources in the U.S. and Asian supply chains who were reportedly confirming a February announcement. However, the same site has now confirmed that its initial report was only a “half-side of the truth.”

Its latest report claims the iPad 3 will get another March unveiling just like the iPad 2, but that Apple will still hold an event this month. That event is said to be a “strange” or “unusual,” rather than “special”:

I reported that Apple was going to hold Special Event in early February according to Asian supplier and source from united states, but this report told a half-side of truth. Apple will hold “Strange” event at February instead of Special Event.

It’s unclear what this February event will include, but according to the author of Macotakara’s report, it won’t be a product unveiling.

An iPad 3 event in March certainly seems more plausible that a February announcement, but now we’re left wondering what an “unusual” event this month will bring.

[via MacRumors]

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Apple announces AppleCare+ for $99, covers iPhone accidents

Along with the new iPhone 4S this afternoon, Apple has announced a new program called AppleCare+ that covers the iPhone for up-to two accidents. The new program costs $99, and on top of accident coverage you get the AppleCare usuals, like phone support and Genius Bar appointments. Don’t think you’ll be getting off that easy, as each accident will be an additional $49.

AppleCare+ is available October 14th, the same day as the iPhone 4S. Full description below:

Every iPhone comes with one year of hardware repair coverage and 90 days of telephone technical support. AppleCare+ for iPhone extends repair coverage and technical support to two years from the original purchase date of your iPhone and adds coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage due to handling, each subject to a $49 service fee. With AppleCare+ for iPhone, Apple experts can help troubleshoot issues over the phone or at an Apple Retail Store. They’ll answer questions about iOS, Apple iPhone apps such as Mail, iMessage, and Calendar, and help you solve interconnectivity issues between your iPhone and Mac or PC. And if your iPhone needs service under the plan, Apple technical support representatives can even set up a repair during the same call.

Apple’s October 4 iPhone Event to Take Place at its Cupertino Headquarters [Report]

We’re already expecting this year’s iPhone event to be a little different to those that we’re familiar with. Not only will it take place in October, rather than June, but Tim Cook will take Steve Jobs’ place on stage, and the event won’t take place at the Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Instead, it will be held on Apple’s campus in Cupertino.

According to sources for AllThingsD, this year’s iPhone event will be held on Apple’s home turf — in its Town Hall Auditorium. The reason for this change is unknown, however, it is believed to be due to the difficulties the company has had in scheduling a date for its announcement. The report explains:

Why? That’s not entirely clear. Perhaps the release date was too much of a moving target to risk booking a large space like Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), which has hosted a number of big product unveils in the past. Perhaps, the company felt a more intimate venue was best for newly installed CEO Tim Cook’s first media event. Perhaps YBCA was simply already booked. Whatever the reason, the world will get it’s first look at the next iPhone at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium in early October.

Apple has used it own campus for media events in the past — most recently with its ‘Back to the Mac’ event last October. However, the company’s iPhone announcements have always been held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

If the reason behind this year’s change is indeed because the fifth-generation iPhone’s release date was too much of a “moving target,” then I struggle to believe the new device will simply be a slightly improved iPhone 4 lookalike. Why would Apple need all this time to stick an A5 processor and an 8-megapixel camera in its iPhone 4?

[via MacRumors]

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