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New video compares alleged iPhone 6 case to iPhone 5s, Nexus 5, and Galaxy Note 3

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 1.32.26 PM

A new video published by UnboxTherapy provides a closer look at an alleged third-party case for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 that was recently shown off in a set of photos. The case’s design definitely falls in line with previous leaks and rumors that we’ve reported on, but could be a manufacturer’s attempt to take a risk and get ahead of the game.

The video below compares the case’s design to the iPhone 5s, Nexus 5, and Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Surprisingly, the case’s layout almost lines up perfectly with Google’s Nexus 5, which gives us a good idea of the iPhone 6′s overall form-factor if the leaked specifications used to manufacture this case are correct.

As we’ve previous reported, this iPhone 6 case features a very slim design, oblong volume buttons, and what appears to be a relocated sleep/wake button. The positioning of the power button on this case puts it right where your thumb would rest and is perfect for a larger device.

Check out the video below:

Previous rumors suggest that Apple has plans to release a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6, but according to a recent claim, the rumored 5.5-inch variation may be delayed due to battery manufacturing complications thanks to the device’s slim body style.

There’s no way to tell if the case featured in this video is legitimate, but the design does match previous leaks and rumors. Though we won’t know for sure until Apple’s iPhone 6 is launched alongside a massive Q3 rollout later this year.

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