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Alleged iPhone 6 cases reflect rumored design changes, repositioned power button


We’re still months away from Apple’s expected announcement of the iPhone 6, but ambitious manufactures are already designing accessories based on current rumors. Additional silicon cases rumored to fit the iPhone 6 were recently published on NoWhereElse and provide a closer look at some of the device’s possible design changes.

The case pictured above has slightly rounded edges, similar to the 5th generation iPod touch or iPhone 5c, and are consistent with previous rumors. As we’ve seen in recent accessory leaks, the case also features a repositioned power button and thin oblong volume buttons similar to an iPod touch. It has also been rumored that Apple’s iPhone 6 will feature a larger 4.7-inch display.

As noted by NoWhereElse, the source of these images has not been proven to be trustworthy. This may be a case makers attempt to get ahead of the game and manufacture a product based on rumored specifications. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen similar tactics, but most of the other rumors and leaks we’ve seen up to this point do line up with the design changes here.

Etui-Silicone-iPhone-6-08 Etui-Silicone-iPhone-6-04 Etui-Silicone-iPhone-6-06 Etui-Silicone-iPhone-6-05 Etui-Silicone-iPhone-6-011
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