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Westlake Apple Store set to open in Hangzhou, China next weekend


The Apple Store in Hangzhou, China that was initially believed to be opening late last year finally has an official date.

The Westlake store, as it’s being called by Apple, will open on Saturday, January 24th at 9 AM local time. While many Apple Stores are named after the city or street where they’re located, the Westlake store is named after a popular lake located in the city.

In recent months, Apple’s new retail chief has expressed her desire to push further into the Chinese market along with expanding the company’s global retail footprint.

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Apple transforms retail stores into art galleries for ‘Start Something New’ campaign

Apple-retail-start-something-new-01 Apple-retail-start-something-new-02 Apple-retail-start-something-new-03

Following the launch of Apple’s “Start Something New” campaign on its website featuring artwork created on Mac and iOS devices, Apple is now transforming its retail stores into temporary art galleries showcasing art from the campaign.

The images above come from customers on Twitter (via ifoAppleStore), and show off the campaign in Apple’s Regent Street, London store. The campaign, however, appears to be hitting Apple stores worldwide as other customers in New York and Toronto, Canada confirm Apple Stores there have also received the art gallery treatment.

Every piece in this gallery was created on an Apple product. Every brushstroke, every pixel, and every frame of film was brought to life by talented Apple users from around the world. As you explore their work, we hope it inspires you to create something new.

Apple’s brick and mortar stores are featuring many of the same images as its Start Something New Campaign on its website. The campaign features apps like Procreate, Brushes 3, Slow Shutter,  VSCOCam,Waterlogue and iDraw and highlights artists including Roz HallMatt Pyke and Craig & Karl.

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McDonald’s increases sales by beaming offers to smartphones in iBeacon pilot


McDonald’s is testing Bluetooth beacon-based offers in at least some of its locations as it pilots beacon platform Piper that works with both iOS devices using Apple’s iBeacon framework and other mobile devices.

Piper announced today that it’s testing its beacon platform in McDonald’s franchises in Columbus, Georgia and pushing deals out to users that download its mobile app that sends location-based offers when users come in contact with its beacons.

While the initial pilot is limited to McDonald’s locations across Columbus, the companies will look to expand to additional retail locations after experiencing success with beaming offers to customers during a four week test.

Piper said it experienced 18,000 offer redemptions as “McChicken sales increased 8 percent and McNuggets increased 7.5 percent from the previous month.”

Piper is one of the many companies running a beacon network that sells both hardware and software solutions to businesses looking to deploy the Bluetooth hardware necessary for beaming location-based offers. Unlike some beacon networks, however, that are aiming to let both app developers and businesses tap into one another, Piper has its own app that acts as a central location for users to access all beacons deployed as part of its network.

McDonald’s is just one of many businesses testing or deploying Bluetooth beacon hardware for sending proximity-based offers and notifications to passing smartphone users. Data from Business Insider’s latest Intelligence report showed half of the top 100 retailers in the US are experimenting with the technology and that it expects beacons installed in one-third of stores by the end of next year. This year it expects around a total of 30,000 active beacons to be installed with 80% in retail stores.

Fast food chains have also moved to introduce other features for smartphone users recently including NFC-based payments like Apple Pay at McDonald’s and preordering via apps at Taco Bell, Burger King and elsewhere. 

Many beacon networks and businesses utilizing them have experienced an increase in app usage and ad engagement similar to Piper’s pilot with McDonald’s. In one case, beacon network InMarket experienced an almost 20x increase in the number of interactions with advertised products apps.

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Apple thanks its employees for making “amazing moments” this year with a customized Incase backpack

apple-gift-backpack-1 apple-gift-backpack-2

Near the end of each year Apple thanks its employees for their hard work with a nice souvenir. This year some employees are being given a black Incase backpack featuring a bright white Apple logo.

At least one employee has already put the gift up on eBay with a starting bid of $49.99 and a Buy It Now of $99.99. From the images we’ve received, it appears that the bag is a customized version of the Incase Staple Backpack. In past years, Apple employees have received blankets, sweatshirts, and water bottles.

The bags were accompanied by this letter:

This is our gift to you.
But it can never compare to what you’ve given.

What does it take to give a gift?
It takes thoughtfulness. Compassion.
And sometimes, sacrifice of your time,
your talent, and your heart,

These are the gifts you give:
kindness, knowledge, humor, and patience.
You give them when you cover for a teammate,
so they can go on a much-deserved break.
When you send an email recognizing a job
well done. Or when you grab an extra coffee
for a friend before you clock in.

You give these gifts whether it’s the beginning
of the season, or the end of a very long day.
You do it over, and over, and over again.

Amazing products are designed in Cupertino.
Amazing moments are made by you.
These moments are your gift this
holiday season—to your customers,
to your team, and to the world.

Thank you.


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Apple now accepting PayPal for checkout through online store

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.02.21 PM

Apple has updated its online store to start accepting PayPal as a payment method in both the United States and United Kingdom. PayPal was already an option for those who shopped through the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBookstore, but this is the first time the company has offered it through the Apple Online Store.

PayPal previously took a swipe at Apple over its cloud platform’s security issues, but tried to be friendly when it came to mobile payments—possibly because PayPal felt threatened by Apple’s jump into that space.

PayPal recently beat Apple to the punch in offering watch-based payments at physical stores by launching a Pebble application.

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Bose products reportedly set to return to Apple Store shelves as early as next week


Earier this year Bose and Apple had a bit of a falling out when the former decided to block NFL players from wearing Beats headphones while on camera, then fined players who violated the rule. Beats Electronics co-founder Jimmy Iovine said at the time that the ban actually served Beats by providing a bit of free publicity.

Apple apparently didn’t agree, and retaliated by pulling all Bose products from its store shelves in October. Around that time the two companies were also duking it out in a patent lawsuit, though they eventually decided to settle.

A new report from iGen indicates that the feud may have been settled, however, and Bose might be making a triumphant return to the Cupertino company’s physical stores. iGen says a source has told the site that several Apple Stores have started getting shipments of Bose gear to put on the floor for next week.

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