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2011 MacBook Pro GPU complaints not going away as petition reaches 18k signatures


Long-standing complaints that the 2011 MacBook Pro suffered from a manufacturing fault resulting in GPU glitches and failures don’t appear to be going away, as an online petition calling for Apple to fix or replace affected machines reaches more than 18,000 signatures.

Timothy D. Cook, Apple Inc
Craig Federighi (Apple Inc) (Apple Inc), Apple Inc

Replace or Fix All 2011 Macbook Pro with Graphics Failure

The petition notes the premium spent to buy Apple laptops, and says that Apple’s only response to date has been to ask owners to pay for an extremely expensive logic board replacement … 

An Apple Support Communities thread on the issue has now reached over 9,000 posts across more than 600 pages even as Apple has been removing entries, and a Google search for 2011 MacBook Pro GPU brings up autocomplete suggestions for searches totalling over three million hits.


Owners of machines suffering from the problem have also been tweeting with the hashtag #MBP2011, and there are a number of websites devoted to the issue. Owners are reporting Apple repair costs of between $300 and $700, with diagnoses often pointing to failure of either the soldering or thermal paste on the AMD Radeon HD 6750M.

Apple did offer a free video card replacement on some mid-2011 iMacs exhibiting similar symptoms, though the cards in the MacBook Pro are different, and such recalls are rare. The most recent was in August, when Apple offered free battery replacements for some iPhone 5 phones.

We’ve asked Apple for comment but expectations are low obviously. These things usually take some class action lawsuits to elicit a response from Apple.

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KGI: 27″ Retina iMac ready to roll, 21″ next year, iPad Air 2 supply constrained, iPad minis to see minimal updates


KGI has published a new research note indicating that the 27″ model of the new “Retina” iMac will begin shipping before the end of this year. However, according to the note, a 21-inch version which is currently in development will not be released until the beginning of 2015, probably alongside other products “early 2015″ like the Apple Watch and Photos for Mac.

With regards to the iPad Air 2, KGI says that constrained supplies are likely, with a possible initial shipment of only 7-9 million. Compare that to the original iPad Air, which kicked of sales with 12 million units. The iPad mini will be updated, but the changes will be more conservative than those coming to the Air. A 12.9″ iPad is also said to be in development, though no timeline seems to have been set for its release.

The MacBook line is unlikely to see any major revisions this year, KGI says, due to shipping delays at Intel that have prevented the availability of the latest processors. That means no 12″ MacBook Air or upgraded MacBook Pros until sometime next year.

Of course, Apple is also expected to debut OS X Yosemite on October 16th. You’ll be able to follow all of the action in Cupertino through a live stream on Apple’s website and live coverage right here on 9to5Mac.

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Review: Lumsing Prophet $20 Bluetooth Speaker/phone rocks out with its dock out


Although we’ve covered the gamut of portable Bluetooth speakers here at 9to5Mac, we typically recommend higher-end products like the Bose Soundlink Mini ($199), JBL Charge ($138) or Ultimate Ears Mini/Boom ($80/$179). It’s usually not worth cheaping out on Bluetooth speakers (unless you are looking for niche products like wearables) because the sound quality degrades heavily once you drop below the top tier. Lumsing-Prophet-review Sadly, today’s entrant into the Bluetooth speaker cage-match lot isn’t going to compete with any of the $100+speakers above. But I have to say, the Lumsing Prophet isn’t bad at all, especially if you aren’t listening to bass-heavy tracks. And, the freaky part is it only costs $20 bucks after coupon code PROPHET0 (expires 8/13) at Amazon which makes it an absolute steal…

The Lumsing Prophet is a hockey-pucked shaped Bluetooth 2.1 speaker with a chamfered metal ring adorning the top that gives it a high quality look and feel.  The edges are a hard plastic and the bottom has 3 rubberized feet. On the back you’ve got on/off/micro-USB power in, AUX in and manual volume switch. On the front there is a spin out dock that can hold anything from smaller phones to the biggest tablets. It won’t charge them which is a bit of a hassle, but it is nice to have a stand, especially if you are using this as an alarm clock or speakerphone. Lumsing-Prphet-specs There is only one real button on the center of the Prophet and it works like you’d expect. Pairing your phone is easy (there is 1 button, jeez) but if you try to follow the instructions (they are poorly done) you might somehow get lost. Once paired you’ll hear a sound that seems to be coming from a much more expensive Bluetooth speaker. Especially in the highs and mids, the Lumsing delivers sound quality that matches top tier speakers with its dual 5W internal speakers. It is hard to think about what to compare it to but as an example, it sounds way better than the sound that comes out of a MacBook Pro or iMac.  The sound is enough to annoy someone upstairs (sorry to the wife). Lumsing prophet The included Bluetooth 2.1 EDR (as opposed to 3.0 or low power 4.0) is a setback and probably how Lumsing got this price so low. While I had no problem pairing, re-pairing or keeping paired, once I turned on the microphone to make a conference call, the speaker quality degraded to mono and very tinny. Once I switched back, everything was gravy again.

Conference calls still work well but not as good as the Logitech Mini Boom for instance. The 1500mAh battery life is excellent but I think Lumsing’s 15-hour claim is a bit of a stretch. Expect to get about 10 hours of normal play which is still extremely good in this case.  I cranked it for 5-6 hours before it died. It also has one touch NFC pairing for those of you out there with an Android phone or tablet.

Bottom line: If you don’t currently have a portable Bluetooth speaker for your phone or tablet you should get one.  If your budget is below $80, you should get this great looking, very good sounding Lumsing Prophet. You won’t be sorry. 

Lumsing Prophet: $20 bucks after coupon code PROPHET0 (expires 8/13) at Amazon  

Note: It actually is fluctuating in price, but if you don’t get $21.99, refresh a few times and it should change to $21.99. Then apply coupon to drop it to $19.99 at checkout.

9to5-image 2014-08-09 at 8.56.59 PM

Lumsing-Prophet-review IMG_1862 IMG_1861 IMG_1860 IMG_1859 IMG_1858 IMG_1857 IMG_1856 Lumsing-Prophet Lumsing-Prphet-specs lumsing-prophet-speaker Lumsing prophet
Color Black
Weight 0.55 ib.
Size 4.72*4.72*1.25 inches
Transmission Distance ≤10M (depending upon operation environment and devices to which it connects)
Bluetooth Pairing Name Prophet
USB Recharge Voltage DC 5V/500mA
Built-in Battery Lithium battery 1500mAh
Output Power 5W×2
Frequency Response 90Hz-20KHz
Input Sensitivity 700mV±50mV
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) ≥76dB
The difference of sound release ≤10%
Size 4.72*4.72*1.25 inches<l*w*h>
Product Warranty One Full Year

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