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Doo moves beyond document syncing, releases Scanbot for iPhone

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Earlier this year, the developers of the document-syncing application Doo announced that the company was shutting down its backend and removing its app from sale. The company wasn’t going anywhere, however, and had plans for a brand new product that would be revealed soon.

Today, the company has taken the wraps off of its newest app, Scanbot, which allows users to scan documents into their iPhone and store them as PDFs or JPGs on a variety of cloud services. We had a chance to talk to Frank Thelen, CEO of Doo, about why the original service was shuttered, how the company decided on a new direction, and and what lies ahead for Scanbot.

According to Thelen, Doo was not shut down due to a lack of users, but the slow adoption of some key changes that the company was counting on. Thelen told 9to5Mac that the service had around 300,000 users when it closed down, but because users weren’t moving more toward digital receipts and other paperwork, the vision of the application was ultimately unrealized:

We underestimated how long it will take until users switch to digital invoice, receipts, contracts and so on. We know all of these document will be digital and people need something like when they change their habits, but we couldn’t just wait until this day.

But before closing down the service, Doo also entertained offers from several larger companies, including “two of the big players in San Francisco,” but Thelen had to turn down the offers because the company could not split its team between two locations.

The inspiration for Scanbot was actually not a new idea created to replace Doo. Instead, the technology was originally planned for inclusion in the Doo software. When Thelen realized that the software could actually stand on its own as a new entry into the scanning app market, Scanbot was born.

Scanbot sports an impressive feature set for a first launch, including automatic edge detection, even on documents with rounded and dog-eared corners. An automatic upload feature allows you to immediately sync your scans to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and more. Scans can be imported from the Camera Roll or photographed using the camera. Multi-page documents can be scanned into a single PDF file.

Overall, Scanbot is quite impressive. The roadmap for future updates isn’t actually set in stone, and Thelen tells us that the plan is to wait until a few weeks after launch and survey customers to find out what features they want the most. This way Doo can ensure that the future of Scanbot matches customer expectations and requests.

Scanbot is available now on the iOS App Store for $.99.

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Twitter announces photo tagging, multiple photo uploads per tweet rolling out to iPhone users


Twitter has announced a few new features for its iPhone app today. Users with the latest update to the Twitter for iPhone app will soon see the ability to select up to four photos at a time to upload when composing a tweet. These photos will be displayed as a collage on the tweet’s detail screen.

Along with the multi-photo support, users are also now able to tag other people in their photos. A new “who’s in these photos?” button allows you to add the username of other people in the picture. Photo tags won’t take up any characters in the body of the tweet, so the full character count will be available for composing a message.

Both features are being rolled out to users slowly. As long as you have the new update, you should see one or both of these features appear in your client soon. Twitter has also said that at some point in the future, this capability will be made available to third-party apps like Tweetbot.

Twitter is also planning some additional changes to the service soon, reports the Wall Street Journal. After canning its #music app last week, the company plans to revamp its music offering to revolve more around conversation than streaming.

Twitter is also reportedly working on a way to offer “bite-sized music videos,” which could tie into the video service the company has been working on recently. When those changes will go public—let along hit mobile apps—is still unknown.

Twitter for iPhone is a free download on the iOS App Store.

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Bloomberg reiterates new Apple TV incoming, April introduction and Christmas launch


Following our reports in recent months that Apple was looking to introduce a revamped Apple TV set-top box sometime around the month of March, Bloomberg is out with its own report today confirming much of what we’ve already reported. The report claims Apple is currently planning to launch the new Apple TV set-top box as early as April:

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is planning to introduce a new Apple TV set-top box as early as April and is negotiating with Time Warner Cable Inc. and other potential partners to add video content, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

In January we reported that Apple was working testing the new box that could include a revamped operating system and possibly app and game support for sometime in the first half of 2014. We also reported that Apple was testing upgraded hardware that included built-in AirPort Express 802.11ac router functionality and versions that include a built-in TV tuner to control existing cable boxes. Most recently we reported that code in recent builds of iOS 7 point to refreshed hardware, at least internally. Bloomberg today confirmed a couple of the same details including a new interface for navigating content. It also said the hardware will include a faster processor.

Bloomberg adds that a launch of the product is currently planned for Christmas but that might change if Apple isn’t able to nail down deals with content partners in time. Content from Time Warner has been rumored to be arriving soon for quite a while now, but negotiations are still ongoing according to Bloomberg’s report from today.

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Apple launches Online Store in Turkey as its first official sales presence in country

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Today, Apple has taken the wraps off of a version of its Apple Online Store for Turkey. Apple is promoting the new store with a large banner at the top of the site. The store is not yet being promoted via Apple’s homepage in Turkey, but it is accessible at its direct link here.

This Apple Online Store for Turkey represents Apple’s first official sales presence in the country other than authorized resellers. Earlier this year, we noted that Apple is set to open up a large physical retail store in Turkey in 2014.

Turkey is a crucial emerging market for Apple as the iPhone maker seeks to expand sales of its iPhones and iPads to more countries across the globe. Earlier this year, Apple opened up its first official sales presence in Russia with an Online Store, and the company plans to move into physical retail in South America with Brazil store early next year

The Turkey Apple Online Store, like the stores for other countries, offers free shipping for orders over a certain threshold. Notably, the store is selling Apple’s latest iPhones, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but it is not selling Apple’s latest iPads as of yet. Apple is quoting 5-7 day shipping times for the iPhones, while Mac shipping times range between 1-2 days, 1-3 days, and 4-5 days. The iPad 2 ships in Turkey in 1-3 days, while the first-generation iPad mini ships in 5-7 days.

The rest of the Apple Online Store for Turkey is typical of any Apple Online Store, offering various accessories and even some Apple Online Store exclusive products from third party manufactures. The Online Store is accompanied by phone sales support, but we have not spotted online chat support for Turkey as of yet.

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Target takes a guess at Retina iPad mini launch date: Thursday, Nov. 21st

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Target has posted its listing for the Retina iPad mini (via MacRumors) with a release date of November 21st, though we believe this is more than likely a speculative date as retailers like Target don’t usually get such early information. The previous-generation LTE iPad mini launched on November 21st, 2012, so it’s quite possible that this date is based on that.

Apple noted during the Q4 2013 earnings call that the tablet would be available “later in November,” but didn’t give a specific date. In the past, Apple’s definition of “later” in the month has been sometime during the last week.

As other retailers begin listing upcoming Apple devices on their stores, we’ll likely see a variety of availabilty dates, but each will be an educated guess at most. November 21st is also a Thursday, and Apple typically sticks to Fridays for major device launches.

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iPhone 5s & 5c Pegged To Launch On November 15 In Philippines, South America, Brazil, Israel & More

This Friday, Apple will be launching the iPhone 5s and 5c in sixteen new countries: Albania, Armenia, Bahrain, Colombia, El Salvador, Guam, Guatemala, India, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. But the fun’s

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Square launches Square Cash, allowing money transfers between anyone through email

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Square has just launched a new service called Square Cash, which allows quick money transfers between any two parties using through an email. Contrary to what you might be expecting, you don’t need to sign up or get all of your friends onto Square Cash to share funds. Instead, you just need to link a debit card to your account.

Once you’ve done that, sending an email to any contact with a dollar amount in the subject line and adding in the CC field will allow the recipient to collect the money with one or two business days. Once you’ve linked a debit card to your account, money can also be deposited to that card whenever your friends transfer money to you. The payments are processed for free through Square.

You can get started with Square Cash through the iPhone app, which is available for free on the App Store.

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