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KGI: Apple to sell over 71M iPhones in holiday quarter, followed by sub-50M to start 2015


KGI Research’s Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the few analyst/firms with a respectable record on Apple forecasts, updated its iPhone sales expectation numbers this weekend for the holiday quarter and Q1 of 2015.

Strong iPhone shipments in 4Q14. We forecast overall iPhone shipments will surge 82% QoQ to 71.5mn units in 4Q14, given robust demand for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 Plus supply shortage implies not only robust demand, but also confirms our concerns regarding constraints within the supply chain. We believe 4Q14 iPhone shipments will be stronger if supply chain constraints are eased.

Kuo notes that the iPhone 5c and 4s which are still sold in emerging markets [like Virgin Mobile in the US?!] will be discontinued in 2015 after promotions that ironically will improve low end sales numbers in Q1 2015. Subsequently, average price per device sold will also drop significantly for Apple in Quarter 1…

The removal of the iPhone 4s and 5c will also make TouchID and features like Apple Pay ubiquitous across Apple’s phone lineup.

As for the iPhone 6/6 Plus mix, KGI expects it to settle at a 2:1 ratio favoring the iPhone 6 once supply constraints ease up. That is close to what we’ve seen from analysts and our own site.

KGI forecasted a similar holiday spike/2015 fall for iPads last month. Continue reading

Split between iPhone 6 and Plus models settled down to 3-to-1 after initial 6-to-1 lead


While constrained supplies of the iPhone 6 Plus initially meant the 4.7-inch model was outselling its larger 5.5-inch brother by a ratio of 6-to-1, three different sources are now all reporting that the current ratio has settled down to 3-to-1.

Above Avalon notes that Mixpanel, Fiksu and Baidu/Umeng data all tells the same story – even in China, where the larger model was expected to be more popular.

Of course, as the piece notes, stock availability may still be influencing purchase decisions to some degree, but the difference in supply times for the two models is now just measured in a few days.

Among 9to5Mac readers, the gap between the two is much closer, at a little under a 2-to-1 ratio, suggesting that the larger device has greater appeal among techies. It’s also not surprising that on an early adopter platform the two iPhone 6 models outnumber all other models combined.


Mixpanel and Fiksu data can be seen below.



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iFixit: How to fix your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus in 21 easy guides


iFixit gave Apple’s iPhone 6 a repairability score of 7, the highest ever for Apple’s flagship and most popular device in their September teardown.  That bodes well for folks who want to take their iPhone repairs into their own hands, though perhaps it’s best to give the Geniuses at Apple a chance to gift you an out of warranty repair before getting your hands dirty.

In any case, today iFixit announced an updated library of 21 repair guides for the iPhone 6 (and 14 for the 6 Plus). The new guides cover everything from replacing the battery to speakers to the glass panel and everything in between. The tutorials walk you through the process and also conveniently provide links to purchase any necessary tools you might not have (hit up their Amazon store for some hefty discounts).

As with any iPhone take-apart, be very careful and be prepared to forfeit your warranty if you screw up.

Earpiece Speaker
Front Facing Camera and Sensor Cable
Front Panel
Front Panel Assembly
Home Button
Home Button Cable
LCD Shield Plate
Lightning Connector Assembly
Logic Board
Pentalobe Screws
Power Button
Power Button Cable Assembly
Rear Case
Rear Facing Camera
SIM Card
SIM Eject Lever
Volume Control Buttons

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Apple supplier Corning says new Gorilla Glass 4 twice as shatter-resistant in drop tests (Video)

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The GTAT mess may have forced Apple to abandon its presumed plans to replace iPhone Gorilla Glass screens with sapphire, but next year’s iPhone displays could still prove up to twice as shatter-resistant, says glass-maker Corning.

Corning said that studying hundreds of broken phone screens had revealed the unsurprising fact that shattered screens most commonly occurred in a one-meter drop onto a rough surface like concrete or asphalt. Drop tests in these conditions found that Gorilla Glass 4 survived up to 80% of such impacts – twice the record of the Gorilla Glass 3 used in current iPhones.

While there was much scientific testing behind the scenes, the videos the company used to illustrate the improved strength were rather less scientific in nature …

More below.

The company said that there was no downside to the increased strength, Gorilla Glass 4 retaining the same optical clarity as the previous generation of the toughened glass.

We saw yesterday some of the different failures experienced by GTAT in attempting to make sufficiently large sapphire boules to meet demand from Apple. More than half of the attempts were unsuccessful, each failure costing around $20,000.

While Apple’s plans for next year’s iPhone and iPad screens aren’t yet known, Gorilla Glass 4 seems a strong contender. Other sapphire suppliers are able to meet volume requirements for lens covers and Touch ID buttons, but there is currently insufficient worldwide production capacity to make iPhone and iPad screens practical.

Via The Verge

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