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Strange bug has stopped some streaming video apps from playing content


As noted by the BBC, some video apps on iOS have inexplicably stopped working today. Videos simply fail to stream, resulting in error messages like the one shown above. The cause of the issue is still unclear, but the bug is affecting multiple high-profile apps in the UK such as BBC iPlayer and Sky Go. Whether the issue is more widespread is not yet known.

It is unknown whether the bug is an issue with Apple’s software or with the third-party app developers. However, as both independent services have failed on the same day it seems like the problem lies with iOS itself. Setting the date on your iPhone or iPad to the past will make videos play again, which suggests the error may be related to expired digital certificates.

Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming technology, which many video apps uses to stream content on iOS, could be to blame. Live Streaming uses SSL for encrypted connections.

The BBC commented that they are “aware of an issue affecting iOS” but did not elaborate with more information. However, the company did say that video downloads are unaffected.

Hopefully, the true cause of the issue can be determined soon. 9to5Mac has asked Apple for comment on the issue — we’ll update if we hear anything.

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8 GB iPhone 5c now available in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Ireland and several others

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 09.16.01

After a brief period of downtime, the Apple Store website around the world has now gone back up. Aside from a bit of Mother’s Day promotional advertising, there is no change to most regions. For some countries, however, Apple has now made the 8 GB iPhone 5c introduced last month available for sale. The device is now available in the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, and other regions.

The phone appeared in some Netherlands carrier stores yesterday, as spotted by, and is now available from Apple directly from its website.

In the Netherlands, the phone costs €549 for the 8GB variant, a saving of €50 compared to the 16 GB model which sells for €599. Naturally, these price points are the same for the Belgian store. Apple first introduced the 8GB variant in March, in just five countries: the UK, France, Germany, Australia and China.

For other regions, the price difference is roughly the same. In the Czech Republic store, the 8GB model sells for 13 490,00 Kč (compared to 14 790,00 Kč for 16 GB). For Italy, there is also a €50 saving: the 8 GB model sells for €579 compared to €629 for the 16 GB model.

In Sweden, the delta between SKU’s is 500 Krona, which converts to approximately a €50 saving. Likewise, the Polish store charges 2 279,00 zł for the 8 GB model, offering roughly the same price differentiation.

The 5c has also made its debut in Ireland and Portugal. The 8 GB 5c is on sale for €549, unsurprisingly €50 cheaper than the 16 GB variant, in these regions.

Several other regions have been reported by readers in the comments section below. The phone remains unavailable for sale in the US market. It is still unclear why Apple doesn’t openly offer the model worldwide.

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Sketchy photo of an iPhone 6 front panel appears on Chinese forum (Update: additional photos)


A picture claiming to be of an “iPhone 6″ front panel has surfaced on a Chinese forum after being posted without context on Weibo. Details surrounding the image are not clear, but the forum poster claims that it originates from within an iPhone ‘factory’. The image was first found by

Compared to the iPhone 5s, as shown above, the screen size is noticeably larger. It appears to feature a screen approximately 4.7 inches diagonally, as previously rumored.

Yesterday, iPhone molds appeared online that seemed to resemble a 4.7 inch form factor.  The area of the supposed next-generation panel could almost contain the entire device footprint of the 5s.

Apart from the increase in size, the device is almost identical to current iPhone designs, although the side bezels may have decreased in width marginally. The opening for the front camera also seems to be placed higher up than the same hole in the 5s’s faceplate. has also posted a shot of what it claims to be next-generation iPhone batteries. The images are about as interesting as you would expect from battery pics; they don’t show anything of significance. There is also little evidence to support that these are actually for future iPhone devices.


This purported iPhone 6 bezel compares it to the iPhone 5 display:


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Unlikely scenario: Analyst Peter Misek says Apple wants to raise iPhone 6 prices by as much as $100


Analyst Peter Misek, via StreetInsider, is saying that Apple is looking to raise iPhone 6 prices by as much as $100. Misek claims that Apple has been actively negotiating the increase with carrier partners.

Misek says that Apple can leverage the iPhone 6′s market power to force carrier’s hands. He says that carriers believe the iPhone 6 will be the only headline-worthy phone this year and that carriers need the iPhone to retain subscribers.

But we think this general lack of differentiation could be the reason why Apple may be able to get a price increase. Carriers realize that the iPhone 6 will likely be the only headline-worthy high-end phone launched this year and that they will lose subs if they do not offer it.”

Misek says that a $50 increase in average selling prices for the next-generation iPhone could increase Apple’s EPS by 11%.

An ASP increase could offset iPhone 6 gross margin headwind, according to Misek. “Our prelim iPhone 6 BOM est indicates GM could be up to 450bp lower than the 5s (pricier display/AP partially offset by general 5%-10% price concessions),” he notes. “Our current estimates assume a 430bp decline, which we feel is conservative unless some of the components run into yield issues. We estimate a $50 ASP increase on the iPhone 6 would raise GM by 375bp and $100 by 700bp so a $50 ASP increase would offset most of the iPhone 6 COGS pressure.”

Misek said a $50 iPhone 6 ASP increase would raise revenues EPS by 2%/11% and a $100 increase by 6%/24%.

Whilst it is true that the iPhone has staggering market power, it is hard to believe that Apple will up prices away from the norms they have established over the past seven years. In fact, the trend recently has been that Apple needs to lower prices for iPhones, not raise them, as demonstrated by Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 5c last year.

As StreetInsider notes, raising prices will likely hurt sales of unlocked iPhones — a purchase method that is steadily increasing in popularity.

Misek’s track record with Apple predictions is also not great by any measure. The analyst has claimed multiple times that the iTV is on the horizon. More recently, he said that the iPhone 5s will come in eight different colours, feature NFC and launch in June.

With the possible introduction of two iPhone 6 models (both 4.7inch and a 5.5inch variants) it is possible that the larger iPhone may come with a higher price point to match. However, at this point it is really hard to believe that Apple will budge from the base $99/$199 price points it has instated for the last several years.

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Play Nintendo DS games on non-jailbroken devices with the nds4ios emulator


nds4ios has released a special version of the app that runs on non-jailbroken devices using a sneaky workaround. As the app is not available in the App Store, previously the app could only be installed on jailbroken devices, such as through the Cydia jailbreak app store. The app gets around Apple’s restrictions by using an enterprise provisioning profile reports TourchArcade. This is normally meant for businesses to distribute apps to company employees, but nds4ios is exploiting it as a way to enable widespread app distribution. Find install instructions after the break.

Apple has already revoked the profile, but by changing the date on your iOS device to a date in the past you can still install the emulator. In testing, the app does work although newer titles like Pokemon Black have unusable frame rates. Older games work decently; the app even claims to support iOS 7 game controller accessories!

Install the app at your own risk, of course —always be wary with something like this that something unscrupulous is going on. You are not within the walled garden of the App Store, after all.

To install the app, click this link on your iOS device to start the download of the app. Then, go into Settings and set the date to February 8th, 2014. You’ll probably need to disable the ‘Set Automatically’ option. The app should then download and install successfully.

Full details about installing the emulator can be found on the developer’s website. After you install the app, you’ll need to add ROM’s through the app to actually play any games — we’ll leave that bit up to you. If you have ROMs already on your PC, you can use the app’s Dropbox integration to quickly transfer them to your iPhone or iPad.

nds4ios requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. Other emulators have appeared on the App Store in the past, disguised as other apps, but this is available outside of the App Store and is the first Nintendo DS emulator we have seen. A Game Boy emulator is available using the same method.

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Car electronics manufacturer Alpine to sell aftermarket CarPlay units in the fall

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 11.13.03

Alpine devices already integrate with the Siri Eyes Free feature of iOS devices.

In March, Mercedes-Benz said that it had plans to offer aftermarket CarPlay units by the end of 2014. As noticed by MacRumors, a Nikkei report from Saturday reveals that car electronics manufacturer Alpine has similar plans.

Alpine will begin selling a standalone car console that integrates CarPlay in the fall. Although many car manufacturers are going to offer CarPlay-equipped cars in their new ranges very soon, Alpine will be the first company to sell an independent CarPlay unit, that can be installed on current cars. The cost is reported to be between $500 to $700.

The unit will offer the same functionality as CarPlay cars, from text messages to maps to Siri, but in a standalone device (‘likely 7 inches’ in size) sold aftermarket. Like other CarPlay solutions currently announced, the unit will talk to the iPhone over a wired connection.

Interestingly, Alpine is not listed on Apple’s CarPlay page so it is currently unclear whether the device will actually be ‘officially certified’ by Apple or whether it will exploit a sneaky workaround to interoperate with iOS 7 devices.

As shown in the image above, Alpine currently offers navigation systems that integrate with ‘Siri Eyes Free’. Therefore, it seems likely that the company is genuinely exploring CarPlay-integrated consoles, as they are already familiar with iOS connectivity.

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Latest unverified photos from Weibo claim to show iPhone 6 schematics, production tools

die-2 die-1

A new batch of photos appearing on the Weibo social network claim to show new production schematics and die for manufacturing the body of the iPhone 6 inside a Foxoconn facility, as noted by GforGames. A few of the photos (below) definitely show some sort of technical design documents, though we can’t be sure what they show as they are both incredibly technical and written in Chinese.

The molds, as seen above, definitely appear to be designed to produce a smartphone, but there is no confirmation that these will be used for the iPhone 6 as opposed to a phone from some other manufacturer. Apple is rumored to be working on two different models of the iPhone 6 with different screen sizes.  If they are designed for the next iPhone, these molds could be for the 4.7″ or 5.5″ models.

The larger model is reportedly being delayed until later in the year due to production difficulties, so it seems likely that if the above photos are real, the molds will be used for the smaller model. This would match up with reports that the smaller device will go into production this month, according to an earlier report.

Late last month, several new photos that purported to show the body for the next-gen iPhone leaked on Weibo as well.

A final photo shared on a different Weibo post shows what is said to be a fixture for one of the tools used to produce the next iPhone. We don’t have any idea what that could be, and the claim is pretty broad. (Update: Thanks to reader Tristan for clarifying that the part is a die block to hold the phone while it is machined.)

As with most leaks, it’s best to remember that these may or may not be the real thing, and the users who posted these photos haven’t been proven to be connected to Foxconn at all, or have they previously leaked anything.

The technical documents and tool fixture are below:

tech-doc-1 tech-doc-3 tech-doc-2 99d0503ajw1ef9ltcyeeqj216o1kwwpl
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