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Apple Pay claimed 1% of November’s digital payment dollars, new report says

Apple Pay issues

A new report from ITG has revealed that Apple Pay was responsible for 1% of the total digital payment dollars spent in November. The study also found that 60% of new Apple Pay customers used the service multiple times throughout the month, while competing services like PayPal see only 20% of customers do the same.

Additionally, the research found that shoppers who took advantage of Apple Pay used the service for around 5.3% of their future credit card transactions, accounting for about 2.3% of the total dollars spent on their credit cards.

On average, Apple Pay users used the NFC-powered payment system 1.4 times each week. At businesses where they had previously used Apple Pay, 66% of customers used it again on subsequent visits.

As for which businesses were seeing the most Apple Pay usage, ITG determined that Whole Foods came out on top, with a whopping 1/5 of all Apple Pay purchases being made at the market. Those Whole Foods payments accounted for 28% of all Apple Pay dollars being spent.

Walgreens came in at a close second for payment percentages, with 19% of Apple Pay transactions happening in the popular drugstore chain. However, a much larger gap existed between Walgreens and Whole Foods in the second metric, with Walgreens only bringing in 12% of all Apple Pay dollars.

Source: ITG

Source: ITG

Overall, the top five businesses taking Apple Pay, which included McDonald’s, Panera Bread, and Subway in the last three spots, took in 58% of the total Apple Pay transactions conducted in November, though less than half of the total dollars spent through the service went to those outlets.

It’s clear that Apple Pay is making inroads with general consumers that other payment services just haven’t been able to keep up with.

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Working prototype explores new Apple TV interface with touchscreen gestures via remote

Product designer Radu Dutzan posted the video above showing off a working prototype that explores touchscreen style gestures via a conceptual remote for Apple TV alongside an updated interface.

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of trying to imitate clicks, Remote allowed you to scroll lists on the screen, directly responding to the position of your finger on the tracking surface? Wouldn’t selection in a complex button layout — such as the keyboard — be much more usable if you could make the cursor move in any direction instantly? Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Apple TV remote control was a smooth clickable trackpad, like the one on the MacBook, that allowed for these behaviors without having to look at a second screen?

The prototype utilizes an iPhone and AirPlay, and would essentially be a next-generation version of Apple’s Remote app for Apple TV, but the designer also designed it with a new remote in mind, as pictured below on the right next to the current Apple TV remote:


The video above shows an interaction demo giving a feel for how an interface on Apple TV might work with the touchscreen style gestures, but the designer imagines a finished interface could look something closer to this:


While Dutzan warns it’s “just an interaction demo” at this point, you can get it up and running yourself: “If you want to try it out for yourself, you need to be a registered Apple developer in order to compile apps to your devices, an iPhone to run the app, and an Apple TV to AirPlay to. You can grab the code on Github. (Don’t judge it, it’s just a prototype.) Before you run it, make sure you enable AirPlay Mirroring from your device to your Apple TV.”

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The value of Apple Pay in one stat: almost half of Americans have had card details stolen


Apple Pay may be more convenient than carrying around a whole bunch of different cards, and contactless payment is certainly very quick and easy, but it’s the security which is arguably the greatest benefit. Your actual card details are never stored in your phone or on an Apple server, and only a one-time code is sent to the payment terminal. Retailers never see your card details.

Just how important is this? A WSJ/NBC News poll reveals that a full 45% of Americans have been told by a retailer, bank or card company that their card details have been stolen in a data breach.

In the past year alone, major breaches have been reported at Target, J.P. Morgan Chase, Home Depot, K-Mart, SuperValu and others […] 

Some 45% of Americans said they had received such a breach notification letter from a retailer or card-issuer that their payment data had been affected by a breach

Fifteen percent of those polled also said that they had been hit by online fraud or hacking.

Apple Pay is currently only available in the US, but a job listing recently revealed that Apple is working on bringing the service to Europe and beyond.

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Should Apple double the RAM in next year’s iPhones and iPads? [Poll]


2 x 1GB RAM in iPad Air 2 shown in orange (

A Taiwanese financial news site cited by Apple Toolbox claims that Apple plans to double the RAM in next year’s iPhones from 1GB to 2GB, and the iPad Air from 2GB to 4GB.

As sources of Apple-related news goes, the citation has to rank somewhere in the Digitimes arena, but it was a Taiwanese supply-chain rumor (dart throwing?) that correctly predicted the previous RAM doubling from 1GB in the original iPad Air to 2GB in the iPad Air 2 – albeit a prediction made rather closer to launch … 

Apple has always been somewhat stingy with RAM compared to similarly high-end Android devices, but a direct comparison is unfair. The tight integration between hardware and software has enabled Apple to maximize the efficient use of RAM. And while the financial cost of adding a further 1-2GB of RAM is small, additional RAM also consumes more power.

The power consumption difference isn’t significant in standby mode, but does become a little more so during read and write operations. We’re still talking small differences, but for the iPad in particular where all-day battery-life has long been a key attraction of the device, each individual power-saving adds up.

That said, there’s no doubt that the 2GB RAM in the iPad Air 2 made a real difference. I’ve definitely seen reduced page refreshing when running multiple tabs in Safari since upgrading from the original Air, and judging from the number of threads in the Apple Support Communities, there is certainly demand for the same on the iPhone.

If you’ve upgraded to the iPad Air 2, have you noticed a real improvement? And for iPhone owners, how big a deal would it be to get more RAM? As ever, let us know your views in the poll and comments.

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Apple increases app prices in Russia in response to changing exchange rates

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 07.19.02

Apple has today informed developers that it has changed the pricing of apps and In-App Purchases in the Russian App Store, following changes to exchange rates. The recent ruble-dollar rates have fluctuated so widely in recent weeks that Apple has been forced to take the Russian Apple Online Store down completely, as it reviews pricing for its products. 

Obviously, it is easier to adjust prices in the App Store so a complete takedown was unnecessary. A 99 cent app now costs 62 Rubles. This means that apps have increased in price by nearly 100% this year in Russia, roughly in line with foreign exchange rate changes. As of right now, the Russian Apple Online Store remains down.

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McDonald’s increases sales by beaming offers to smartphones in iBeacon pilot


McDonald’s is testing Bluetooth beacon-based offers in at least some of its locations as it pilots beacon platform Piper that works with both iOS devices using Apple’s iBeacon framework and other mobile devices.

Piper announced today that it’s testing its beacon platform in McDonald’s franchises in Columbus, Georgia and pushing deals out to users that download its mobile app that sends location-based offers when users come in contact with its beacons.

While the initial pilot is limited to McDonald’s locations across Columbus, the companies will look to expand to additional retail locations after experiencing success with beaming offers to customers during a four week test.

Piper said it experienced 18,000 offer redemptions as “McChicken sales increased 8 percent and McNuggets increased 7.5 percent from the previous month.”

Piper is one of the many companies running a beacon network that sells both hardware and software solutions to businesses looking to deploy the Bluetooth hardware necessary for beaming location-based offers. Unlike some beacon networks, however, that are aiming to let both app developers and businesses tap into one another, Piper has its own app that acts as a central location for users to access all beacons deployed as part of its network.

McDonald’s is just one of many businesses testing or deploying Bluetooth beacon hardware for sending proximity-based offers and notifications to passing smartphone users. Data from Business Insider’s latest Intelligence report showed half of the top 100 retailers in the US are experimenting with the technology and that it expects beacons installed in one-third of stores by the end of next year. This year it expects around a total of 30,000 active beacons to be installed with 80% in retail stores.

Fast food chains have also moved to introduce other features for smartphone users recently including NFC-based payments like Apple Pay at McDonald’s and preordering via apps at Taco Bell, Burger King and elsewhere. 

Many beacon networks and businesses utilizing them have experienced an increase in app usage and ad engagement similar to Piper’s pilot with McDonald’s. In one case, beacon network InMarket experienced an almost 20x increase in the number of interactions with advertised products apps.

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Watch Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Oprah Moment’, gifting The Tonight Show audience iPad Air 2’s

Alongside Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon has become the voice of the iPhone 6 with Apple releasing a continuous series of ads featuring both entertainers. Fallon also sits behind a MacBook on the set of The Tonight Show on NBC, something that he brought over from his time hosting Late Night on NBC.

Now Fallon’s Tonight Show is giving the gift of Apple, specifically to the studio audience from last night’s taping as each attendee was gifted with a brand new iPad Air 2 as part of this week’s holiday gift giveaway segment. See the clip above (and wish you were there!) …

(We know Hulu works in a very limited number of countries and will post the YouTube clip when available.)

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