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Apple profiled for renewable energy in sapphire factory, says supply-chain is now the focus

After showing more journalists around its solar-powered North Carolina data centre (where it is building a third solar farm), Apple says that its new focus for renewable energy is its supply chain. The Guardian reports that the sapphire factory in Arizona forms part of this initiative.

The company is also moving to install solar and geothermal power at a plant in Mesa, Arizona that has been manufacturing sapphire glass. Apple would not directly comment on the Arizona factory but the state’s governor, Jan Brewer, has publicly praised the company’s decision to relocate there and to use solar and geothermal in manufacturing.

Apple’s VP of environmental initiatives Lisa Jackson said that the company is conscious that its supply chain cannot claim the same green credentials as Apple itself … 

We know that our customers expect us to do the right thing [...]

We are aware that almost 70% of our carbon footprint is in our supply chain. We are actively working on the facilities that we have here in the United States.

Apple has long been criticized for using suppliers who rely on dirty energy and pollute the environment. While the current initiative will be welcomed, it is notable that Apple is so far referring only to manufacturing facilities within the USA.

Apple’s corporate renewables record is, however, viewed as exemplary – even by former critics like Greenpeace.

“They are the gold standard in the state right now,” said David Pomerantz, a senior Greenpeace campaigner. “There are a lot of data centers in North Carolina and definitely none has moved as aggressively as Apple has to power with renewable energy,” he said.

Lisa Jackson said back in April that 94 percent of its data centers are corporate campuses are now powered by renewable energy, as are 120 of its U.S. stores.

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Apple & Samsung lose share to smaller Chinese OEMs in Q2 smartphone shipment numbers


Following releasing its second quarter data for tablet shipments worldwide, IDC today released its Q2 2014 report for smartphone shipments during the three month period that ended in June. The numbers line up with Apple’s fiscal Q3 earnings call that took place earlier this month where the company reported iPhone sales of 35.1 million units for the quarter. With 295.3 million units shipped total during Q2, and consumers anticipating a new iPhone this fall, IDC notes that both Samsung and Apple lost share to the smaller Chinese manufacturers:

Emerging markets supported by local vendors are continuing to act as the main catalyst for smartphone growth. Among the top vendors in the market, a wide range of Chinese OEMs more than outpaced the market in 2Q14. By far the most impressive was Huawei, nearly doubling its shipments from a year ago, followed by another strong performance from Lenovo.

While Apple shipped 35.1 million units up from 31.2 million units in the year ago quarter, it sits at 11.9% market share in Q2 compared to 13% last year. Samsung too drops in both market share in shipments with 74.3 million units and 25.2% market share for the quarter down from 77.3 million units and 32.3% share a year ago. The report does note that Apple “enjoyed continued success in the BRIC markets, a good sign that it is building its footprint in emerging markets.”

As pictured in the chart above, Samsung and Apple remain the number one and two positions for top OEM vendors worldwide followed by Huawei, Lenovo, LG and the Others category with the remaining 45.8%. Earlier this month IDC released its tablet shipment numbers with Apple grabbing 26.9% of the market (down from 33% last year) and both Samsung and Apple losing share to smaller companies much like in today’s smartphone report.

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Apple announces August 2nd opening of Wuxi, China retail store


Apple has officially announced plans to open its new Wuxi, China retail store on August 2nd, according to a listing on the company’s website.

The new establishment, which will be the 12th official Apple retail store in the country, will be located in the Center 66 Mall (pictured above). However, there don’t seem to be any photos of Apple’s new space available just yet, as the company still undoubtedly has some work to do before it’s ready for the public eye.

The Wuxi store, like the Chongqing store opening next week, is a continuation of Apple’s plan to increase its presence in China over the course of 2014 and 2015 under the guidance of new VP of Retail Angela Ahrednts.

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Chinese sellers taking iPhone 6 pre-orders two months before anticipated launch


It might be two months before the rumored launch date of the iPhone 6, with a working phone yet to be sighted and no clue as to the retail price, but that isn’t stopping sellers taking pre-orders, reports the WSJ.

More than thirty sellers on Alibaba’s Taobao marketplace said they can help purchase the upcoming new iPhone 6s from the U.S. and Hong Kong. But there’s one catch: consumers have to pay a deposit ranging from 500 yuan ($80)  to 7,999 yuan ($1288).

One seller even went as far as putting together a laughable mockup of an Apple webpage for the iPhone 6 (the full page can be seen below).


Another seller claimed the price of the unsubsidized 4.7-inch model would start at 5,288 yuan ($851) , with the  5.5-inch version starting at 5,988 yuan ($964), but there is absolutely no reason to think they have any information on Apple’s pricing plans.

Back in the real world, it’s been reported that Apple is looking to produce 70-80M iPhone 6 handsets by the end of the year, with production expected to begin imminently after Foxconn confirmed hiring 100,000 new workers for the project.

Here, for your amusement, is that full hilarious attempt at mocking up the iPhone 6 page on the Apple website (complete with the line that it was ‘made for iOS 7′) …


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Apple opening new store in Beavercreek, Ohio’s The Greene mall July 19

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.25.39 AM

Apple has announced on its retail website that it will be opening up a new Apple Store in The Green Town Center in Beavercreek, Ohio this weekend. The store opens up on Saturday, July 19th at 10 AM. Store hours are 10 AM to 9 PM Monday through Saturday and 12 Noon to 6 PM on Sundays. We reported earlier this year that Angela Ahrendts is overseeing a push of several new mall-based stores in the United States as more, larger locations are prepared for China and Italy.

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