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iOS and Android combine to capture 96% global market share in Q3

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The latest numbers from Strategy Analytics reveal that iOS and Android combined to capture 96% global market share in the third quarter. iOS and Android accounted for 12.3% market share and 83.6% global market share respectively for the three-month period ending September. Those figures arrive just one day after the research firm reported that Chinese company Xiaomi has become the third-largest smartphone maker in the world.

Android continued to be a dominant player in global smartphone operating system market share, increasing its lead over iOS by three percentage points compared to the year-ago quarter. Apple’s mobile operating system held 12.3% market share during the third quarter, trailed by Windows Phone (3.3%) and BlackBerry (0.7%). Other mobile platforms accounted for less than 0.1% market share.

“Android’s leadership of the global smartphone market looks unbeatable at the moment,” said Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics. “Its low-cost services and user-friendly software remain attractive to hardware makers, operators and consumers worldwide. However, challenges are emerging for Google. The Android platform is getting overcrowded with hundreds of hardware brands, Android smartphone prices are falling worldwide, and few Android device vendors make profits.”

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Overall, global smartphone shipments grew 27 percent annually to 320.4 million units in the third quarter versus 252.9 million units in the year-ago quarter. The growth in the smartphone market continues to come mainly from emerging markets such as Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In particular, smartphone makers like Google and Xiaomi have been aggressively pushing entry-level devices in countries like China and India, which boast the first- and second-largest populations in the world.

Kantar Worldpanel provided a regional breakdown of these numbers earlier this week.

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Google Wallet adds recurring bank transfers for automatically adding money, low balance alerts

Goog-Wallet-low-balance-alerts Goog-Wallet-recurring-transfer-01

Google today announced it’s adding new ways to add money to its Google Wallet service in addition to some new features that will make keeping an eye on your balance easier.

First up, you will now be able to setup automatic bank transfers that will ensure there is always money to spend in your Google Wallet account. The recurring transfers allow you to schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deposits and can be cancelled at any time:

To set up a recurring transfer, go to “Add money” then select “Set up a recurring transfer”

The Google Wallet app is also adding a new low balance alerts feature that will send notifications when a Google Wallet balance gets below a certain amount. You can turn on the notifications and select which amount they want to trigger the alert: To set up Low Balance alerts, open the Google Wallet app and  touch“Low Balance alert” from the Wallet Balance screen.

Google’s Wallet payment service available for both iOS and Android is still limited to the US, allows users to send and receive money, but only offers contactless NFC-payments on supported Android hardware. Google also offers a physical Wallet Card that lets users spend their balance at any location MasterCard Debit cards are accepted.

Google is rolling out the new features to both the iOS and Android versions of the Google Wallet app starting this week for users in the US.

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