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Inbox for Gmail: hands-on and first impressions

Mail for Inbox

Google this afternoon announced Inbox for Gmail, its all-new emailing solution that is intended to coexist with the regular Gmail platform (Think Paper for Facebook?). Inbox for Gmail is available on an invite only basis for Android, iOS and Chrome. I am fortunate enough to have received an invite to Inbox for Gmail, and I have been giving the iPhone app a rundown to see how it works. For the most part, Inbox is everything that you know and love about Gmail in a sleeker package.

For those that have a love-hate relationship with email, which is probably just about everyone, Inbox has a more organized and intuitive user interface for achieving the elusive “Inbox Zero.” Inbox enables users to add their own reminders to the top of the inbox, can snooze away messages to be shown again at a later time and highlights important parts of emails like YouTube videos, PDFs and Microsoft Office documents, flight statuses and package deliveries.

The main Inbox view provides an overall look at your emails categorized into bundles including travel, purchases, finance, social, updates, forums and promos. If you use tabs on the desktop version of Gmail, then this will be a familiar experience. There are also unbundled sections for low priority or for any custom inboxes that you may have created. Overall, the organizational functionality of Inbox is fantastic.

Gmail for Inbox Done Snoozed

There are two additional views for “Snoozed” and “Done.” The former houses all of your emails until a specific date and time that you choose for the message to return to your main inbox, so that you can have a cleaner look at the emails that matter to you most straight after opening the app. All emails placed in Done are also removed from the main inbox, although they do not return at a later date unless you tap the pin icon.

Overall, Inbox is essentially a marriage between Gmail and Google Now. This is email built for the modern day person, the individual that wants to be able to organize and manage his or her inbox on the fly as efficiently as possible. Inbox for iPhone has a sleek design that mirrors Material Design on Android, and we’ll be sure to share a more in-depth look at the app in the near future.

InboxForums InboxUpdates InboxSocial InboxFinance InboxPurchases InboxTravel InboxLowPriority InboxReminders
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Spotify Family to offer half-price Premium subscriptions for additional family members


Anyone who has ever shared a Spotify Premium account with a partner or – worse – their kids will know the problems: arguments over who gets to use it when, and your playlists and recommendations polluted by the likes of Jason Mraz or the soundtrack from The Lego Movie.

Spotify Family will soon allow you to purchase additional Premium subscriptions for up to four family members for half-price. The first family member will continue to pay $10/month, but additional family members pay just $5/month.

Your account. Your music. With Spotify Family, everyone gets their very own account. Enjoy separate playlists and recommendations and play your music whenever you like.

Premium for everyone. Everyone on the plan gets the full Spotify Premium experience. Listen offline. Play any song, anytime, on any device. No restrictions. No ads.

The more the merrier. Having a family can be expensive. But music doesn’t have to be. With Spotify Family, you can add up to four family members to your account, and each additional user gets 50% off Spotify Premium.

No tantrums. No more fighting over what to listen to, and no more interruptions when someone else logs in and starts playing.

Spotify said a family membership has been one of its most requested features, and that the package will roll-out globally in the coming weeks.

Spotify apps are available for both OS X and iOS, as well as Windows and Android. Spotify is currently available in over 60 countries, with Canada joining the list just last month.

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Apple adding ability to track what you do inside retail apps to serve targeted advertising


Apple is reportedly adding the ability to track what users do inside certain apps in order to present them with targeted in-app ads across iOS devices, reports digital media site Digiday.

Say, for example, a visitor to a retailer’s iPhone app adds a pair of shoes to his cart but ultimately decide not to buy it. In this scenario, the retailer will now be able to retarget that user with an ad for that exact pair — even in another app on his iPad. When tapped, the ad would direct him back to his abandoned checkout page and automatically add the shoes to his online shopping cart.

Ad agencies say that Apple has been pitching the new capability since last month …

In-app ads haven’t been the greatest of success stories for Apple. When Steve Jobs launched the iAd platform in 2010, he said that it would go on to hit 50% of the mobile ad market; the reality is that by last year it sat at just 2.6%.

Apple isn’t just concerned for its own revenues: it’s also thinking about developers. The reason developers tend to prioritize iOS over Android when launching new apps is because the platform is more profitable. Making iAds work is key to ensuring that remains true.

While the move may raise privacy concerns, it’s worth noting that the capability does nothing more than allow mobile advertisers to do what they can already do in the desktop environment using cookies. This is indeed Apple’s pitch, says Digiday.

“One of the big limitations of not just iAd, but the entire iOS ecosystem, is that cookies don’t work,” said Eric Franchi, co-founder of cross-device ad network Undertone. [...] “If Apple can bring very advanced targeting combined with e-commerce, it will be incredibly powerful.”

The capability is primarily aimed at retailers with iOS apps, who can use shopping carts, wishlists and purchase history to serve relevant ads in other apps.

iAds are now available in 25 countries after Apple added nine new countries earlier this month. The company introduced new iAd formats back in August.

Via Business Insider

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