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Founder Anand Shimpi latest Apple hire from hardware review site AnandTech



AnandTech founder and EiC Anand Shimpi announced last night via a post on the site that he had decided to retire from technology journalism, but didn’t specify what he’d be doing instead. Today, Re/code reports that Shimpi will be going to Apple, as confirmed by the tech firm’s representative, though his exact role is still unknown.

Earlier this year AnandTech’s Brian Klug also left the site for a role at Apple with a focus on building mobile processors for the company’s iOS lineup. It’s possible and perhaps likely that Shimpi will be taking up a similar role in quality assurance or marketing.

Shimpi says he will continue to advise the AnandTech team on editorial matters when needed, though he will be leaving the operations of the site up to incoming editor-in-chief Ryan Smith.

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Apple reportedly working with Dutch company NXP to include NFC in iPhone 6, possibly iWatch

Apple iPhone 6 (Mockup) 43

Apple is reportedly planning to include NFC in the iPhone 6 for secure wireless payments using chips sourced from a Dutch company called XNP, the Financial Times reported today. It’s not the first time this rumor has cropped up before an iPhone launch, but other recent reports seem to indicate that this year it might just be happening.

In fact, earlier this year Apple was said to have reached a deal with China UnionPay, the nation’s only domestic mobile payment processor, to include NFC support at countless retailers in the next iPhone. What’s perhaps even more interesting is that the technology may not be limited solely to the handset itself…

A patent uncovered by Patently Apple earlier today seems to indicate that Apple is considering a similar system that could be implemented in its wearable device as well. The technology in the patent is listed as a potential wireless charging system, but the same hardware is said to be able to work with NFC equipment. Others have also speculated recently that Apple’s upcoming wearable could support some type of wireless payment system.

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Apple updates iOS 8 terms, disallows developers from selling data acquired through HealthKit


Apple has updated its iOS 8 terms of use, according to The Guardian, to note that developers are not allowed to resell any information gained through the upcoming HealthKit framework. The HealthKit software was announced as part of a larger event earlier this year, but it was only with the most recent beta that Apple made note of this restriction.

The move is not unexpected, as it would be very much against Apple’s modus operandi to allow developers access to such crucial data without some restrictions on its use in place as a protection for users. Similar restrictions exist for the Touch ID API, which doesn’t allow developers to access user fingerprint data at all, let alone store it.

There is one exception to this rule, however…

Apple explicitly states that developers may share user health data with third parties only if those parties are using the data for health-related research. In order to share a user’s information with those third parties, the developers must first get permission from the user. Anyone who doesn’t want their information being used for research purposes can simply choose not to opt-in to any research sharing initiatives.

Apple is expected to unveil a fitness-focused wearable device alongside two versions of the next-gen iPhone on September 9th.

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Adobe updates Photoshop Mix for iPad with undo/redo support, Dropbox support, and more

screen480x480-1 screen480x480

Adobe has updated its Photoshop Mix iPad app with several new features and tweaks. Version 1.1 of the app includes undo and redo support for quickly rolling back edits up to three levels.

The update also introduces support for exporting a JPEG or masked PNG to the iPad’s camera roll. You can also import images to edit from Dropbox. Foregrounds and background layers can now be switched using the Image Swap feature. Other miscellaneous performance enhancements have also been made to allow for faster project loading.

Finally, several new languages have been added: Italian, Spanish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

You can grab Photoshop Mix for free on the iPad App Store.

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Bloomberg corroborates Apple wearable to be announced at Sept. 9 event

iwatch concept Roberto Bitto

As we reported earlier today, Apple has sent out invitations to the press for a September 9th media event. During that event the company will likely unveil the next-gen iPhone, but a report from Re/code also indicated that it may debut a wearable device at the same time. A new report from Bloomberg lends further credence to this claim:

Now the Cupertino, California-based company will attempt to repeat that feat [the success of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad] in wearables, an emerging group of devices that track people’s activity and health. Apple will introduce a wearable gadget along with new iPhones on Sept. 9, a person with knowledge of the plans said. Notices for the event, which will also take place in Cupertino, were sent out today.

As we’e exclusively reported in the past, Apple has been assembling a team of fashion and fitness experts to create a wearable device with a focus on health and fitness applications.

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CloudApp 3.0 arrives with support for screen recording, teams, Google Apps, and more

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 5.32.28 PM

File sharing software CloudApp has gotten a significant update with today’s launch of version 3.0 of its Mac client. The software already supported features like private and public sharing links, live view counters, and automatic screenshot uploads, but today it adds even more tricks to its bag.

The biggest addition to the application is support for something called CloudApp Motion. This handy feature will allow you to quickly capture all or part of your screen, then automatically upload the captured footage to the web as a sharable animated GIF. At the moment the GIF output is a bit choppy, so don’t expect buttery smooth playback, though the company has promised that high-fidelity GIFs are coming soon.

Pro accounts get a few new features in the update, including an increased limit on file upload size, more bandwidth for uploading files, and the ability to put their own branding on the web viewer for any uploaded files.

The app also has support for a new feature called CloudApp Team, which allows multiple users with their own accounts to upload files to a shared custom domain. It also allows team administrators to add and remove members from the group. Team billing is consolidated so each member doesn’t have to buy their own personal subscription. Like Pro accounts, Teams can also enable their own branded web viewers.

CloudApp 3.0 also adds the option to login using a Google Apps account (with two-factor authentication support), a listing on the list of web apps supported by Google Apps (enabling administrators to enable or disable it for their team), and support for provisioning (and de-provisioning) new CloudApp accounts through the Google Apps backend.

Miscellaneous improvements in this update include enhanced security by enabling SSL on all connections, and debuts new versions of the web-based audio and video player for all users.

You can grab the CloudApp client for free from the Mac App Store. More screenshots of 3.0 in action are below:

CloudApp Motion CloudApp Notification CloudApp Onboarding 2 CloudApp Preferences Pro CloudApp Sign In CloudApp UI Contextual Menu CloudApp UI
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BioShock for iOS brings the classic console shooter to the small screen

Earlier this month, 2K Games announced that it would be bringing its landmark horror-shooter BioShock to the iPhone and iPad. Tonight, the game finally arrived on the App Store in most of its original glory. The story, game mechanics, level design, and audio have all be ported to the mobile devices, though the graphics have been toned down to make it run on phones and tablets.

BioShock is set in the underwater would-be utopia of Rapture, which has been overrun by its own psychotic, drug-addled citizens on one especially-unfortunate New Years Eve. Players take on the role of Jack, who arrives in Rapture after a plane crash that leaves him stranded in the middle of the Atlantic, and must utilize a selection of upgradable weapons and genetic enhancements to track down Andrew Ryan, the madman running what’s left of the city.

The original game won a bevy of awards, including several for Game of the Year, and has been hailed for its storytelling and gameplay.

BioShock requires an iPhone 5, iPad 4, or any newer device (with no iPod touch models supported) and will run you $14.99 on the iOS App Store. Head on over there and download it nowwould you kindly?

If desktop gaming is more your thing, all three games in the BioShock series are available on the Mac App Store:

screen520x924-3 screen520x924-4 screen520x924-2 screen520x924 screen520x924-1 screen480x480 screen480x480-3 screen480x480-1 screen480x480-4 screen480x480-2
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