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Apple: How to fix Yosemite Public Beta code if it says already been redeemed


Earlier today Apple opened up its public beta program for the upcoming OS X Yosemite release allowing the public to download the beta build from the Mac App Store. Those who signed up for the program received a code through Apple’s Beta Program website, but a number of users reported experiencing an error that said their code had already been redeemed. If you’re still having trouble, here’s the fix from Apple: Refresh the beta program redemption page when signed in to generate a new code (here). That’s it. The new code should work when entered into the Mac App Store.

Apple doesn’t plan to update the public beta build of the OS as much as the version available in its Developer Program, but testers will be able to update to the final public release of Yosemite through the Mac App Store when it’s released this fall. Info on the release, signing up, and known issues are available here.

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Gmail for iOS updated with ‘Insert from Drive’ and ‘Save to Drive’

InsertFromDriveiOSGoogle has released an update to Gmail for iOS this afternoon that brings “Insert from Drive” and “Save to Drive” functionality to the iPhone and iPad. The update brings the app up to par with the Gmail app for Android and web, allowing users to insert files stored in their Google Drive accounts directly from their iPhone or iPad. The updated app also includes the ability to save attachments in emails to the drive app directly from within the iOS app:

Just like with Gmail on the web, you can now insert files from Google Drive directly into an email on your phone or tablet. The apps will even tell you if your file isn’t shared with the person you’re sending it to so you can change the sharing settings before you send it. And to help you store all your files in a single place, if someone sends you an email attachment, you can save it directly to Drive with one tap.

Google notes that the apps will also warn users if a drive attachment hasn’t yet been shared with the recipient so you can change the settings before sending the email. Other improvements include an option to set your profile picture from within the app’s settings and for multiple account users the ability to “choose which signed-in accounts you want visible in the app.”

The latest version is rolling out on the App Store now.

What’s New in Version 3.14159

• Save attachments directly to Google Drive so you can access them anywhere while saving space and bandwidth on your device
• Insert Google Drive files directly into messages
• New account management options to choose which accounts you want to have visible in Gmail without removing accounts from your device.
• Change your profile picture (in Settings)

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Kamcord now uploading 1hr of mobile gameplay video every min, launches redesigned social iOS app

Kamcord-iOS-04 Kamcord-iOS-02 Kamcord-iOS-01 Kamcord-iOS-03

Kamcord, the SDK that lets iOS developers offer gameplay recording and sharing functionality, is today launching a redesigned community iOS app while announcing some impressive new milestones for the service.

Kamcord’s Eric Edelman tells me the company is doing “greater than 1% of YouTube’s upload volume now,” which means it’s uploading more than 1 hour of gameplay videos every minute. In total the platform is now at 14 million videos uploaded by users accounting for a 4x growth in share rate and up 9M videos since May. It’s also now in over 340+ mobile games, up from 200 mobile games in February when it launched official integration for Unreal Engine developers on both iOS and Android.

The huge increase in recent months comes as it attracts some big name app publishers. That includes popular casual games like My Talking Tom that saw users share over 1 million videos in its first week using Kamcord. Others games experienced high sharing rates during live events like the World Cup such as Stickman Soccer 2014. “What was cool about that game is that we saw gamers playing simultaneous to real-time events, similar to how Twitter users react. For example, someone posted a video “How the USA-Belgium game should have gone,” Edelman tells me. That’s one of the reasons the company is today launching a redesigned iOS community app that allows users to be more social with sharing and following other users.

Rather than just being able to watch videos uploaded by users from the various apps Kamcord is in, the updated community app now has everything it needs to be a full-fledged social network of its own: profile creation, commenting, following, liking, and a new UI that the company designed to be more Twitter-like.

The new Kamcord app for iOS is available on the App Store now. More info on Kamcord for developers on its website.

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Instagram’s plan for new ‘Bolt’ one-tap photo messaging app leaks


Instagram is reportedly working on a new photo sharing app called “Bolt,” according to screenshots that surfaced online today (via The Verge). The leak comes from an advertisement for the app that appeared inside of the Instagram for Android app (pictured above). The notification, which some users noticed and posted screenshots of online, appears to be visible for some users in the app accidentally ahead of an official launch by Instagram.

We don’t gain much info about the app other than it’s description that it will be a “one tap photo messaging” app, which is leading to speculation it will be a Snapchat competitor of sorts.

Instgram hasn’t yet commented and the app isn’t available on the App Store or Google Play yet, but I suspect we’ll be hearing more about the app soon.

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Apple maintains lead over Samsung as top tablet vendor in Q2 as both lose share to others


With Apple’s Q3 earnings call this week revealing iPad sales of 13.3 million units for the quarter and Tim Cook making a point of defending the category, today we get a look at how Apple is doing overall with IDC’s latest numbers for worldwide tablet shipments.

While noting that tablet shipments worldwide grew 11% year-over-year, IDC’s numbers show that Apple was able to maintain its lead over Samsung with 26.9% of the market (down from 33% last year) compared to Samsung at 17.2% down from 18.8% the year before. Both lose share to other companies as the category reportedly experienced a lot of growth among smaller companies like Lenovo and Acer while the “others” category grew from 37% to 44% marketshare:

Despite declining shipments of its iPad product line, Apple managed to maintain its lead in the worldwide tablet market, shipping 13.3 million units in the second quarter. Following a strong first quarter, Samsung struggled to maintain its momentum and saw its market share slip to 17.2% in the second quarter. Lenovo continued to climb the rankings ladder, surpassing ASUS and moving into the third spot in the tablet market, shipping 2.4 million units and grabbing 4.9% markets share. The top 5 was rounded out by ASUS and Acer, with 4.6% and 2.0% share, respectively. Share outside the top 5 grew to an all time high as more and more vendors have made inroads in the tablet space. By now most traditional PC and phone vendors have at least one tablet model in the market, and strategies to move bundled devices and promotional offerings have slowly gained momentum.

During its earnings call earlier this week, Tim Cook addressed comments regarding weaker than usual growth of iPad sales pointing out that the company is experiencing increasing growth internationally while the US market slows. He also noted possibilities for growth in the enterprise that could come of Apple’s new partnership with IBM. “When we dig into it though our market share in the commercial sector in the US is good, it’s 76%, the penetration in business is low, it’s only 20. If you looked at the penetration of notebooks in business it would be over 60. We think there is a substantial upside in business…The market is bifurcated on iPad. In the BRIC countries, iPad did extremely well. The growth was very high. China it was in the 50’s, the middle east it was in the 60’s. In the developed countries like the US, the market is clearly weaker there…”

IDC notes that “total tablet market includes slate tablets plus 2-in-1 tablets,” but it didn’t say exactly what tablets from what companies it’s including in the others category. As always the report includes numbers for tablet shipments, while Apple’s figure of 13.3 million represents tablets sold.

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CNN iPhone app exposing login info of its iReporters unencrypted, according to security researchers

iReport Functionality iReport Login

Security researchers at Zscaler claim to have found a security flaw in CNN’s iPhone app that exposes personal login and passwords of its users. The CNN app for iPhone, which includes an iReport feature that allows users to sign-up and submit news stories, is reportedly not using SSL encryption for registration/login and SSL certificate pinning like its Android app counterpart and sending the personal user info to and from the app unencrypted. The report notes that CNN’s iPad app is not subject to the same vulnerability as it currently doesn’t have the iReport feature:

The current CNN for iPhone App (verified on Version 2.30 (Build 4948)) has a key weakness whereby passwords for iReport accounts are sent in clear text (unencrypted). While this is always a problem, it’s especially concerning that this relates to functionality which permits people to anonymously submit news stories to CNN. This occurs both when a user first creates their iReport account and during any subsequent logins.

As can be seen, both transmissions are sent in clear text (HTTP) and the password (p@ssword) is sent unencrypted, along with all other registration/login information. The concern here is that anyone on the same network as the user could easily sniff the victim’s password and access their account. Once obtained, the attacker could access the iReport account of the user and compromise their anonymity. The same credentials could be used to access the user’s web based iReport account where any past submissions are also accessible.

Zscaler said it notified CNN of the security flaw on July 15th and that the company confirmed it’s investigating. The CNN app for iPhone received an update today with “bug fixes” listed in the release notes, but the company is yet to confirm if the update was to address the security flaw detailed by Zscaler.

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FiftyThree launches SDK to bring its ‘Pencil’ Bluetooth stylus to other iOS apps

fiftythree-sdk-2-procreate fiftythree-sdk-3-noteshelf fiftythree-sdk-4-squiggle

FiftyThree, the developers behind the popular drawing app Paper, today announced it’s releasing an SDK that will let all developers take advantage of its Pencil stylus for iOS devices. First launched last year alongside an update to Paper, Pencil is a $60 Bluetooth stylus for the drawing app that aims to offer a realistic pencil-to-paper drawing experience.

The SDK will allow for a smooth experience with the Pencil stylus in other apps and that also means in some cases FiftyThree will be working to improve the apps of its direct competitors while hopefully selling its stylus as a platform in the process. Devs will get access to palm rejection, erase, easy pairing, and all the pencil and touch classifiers the company uses in the Paper app. Support for surface pressure is also arriving with iOS 8:

Surface Pressure Get input from Pencil’s unique tip shape with iOS8. Make decisions based on whether Pencil is touching the screen using the broad edge, or just the tip. Vary brush width; highlight vs underline; cast more powerful spells. (Coming with iOS8)

The SDK is available now to developers and works with apps running on an iPad 3+, iPad mini, iPhone 4S+, and iOS 7 and up. The first launch partners include other popular drawing apps that could be considered direct competitors to FiftyThree and its Paper app. The initial partners include Procreate, Noteshelf, and Squiggle:

With the FiftyThree SDK, developers worldwide can now tap into Pencil’s industry­leading technologies and find support from a team that values true partnerships. Developers are already discovering new ways of using Pencil to bring the power of natural creativity to their apps, from professional drawing to making music, starting with our partners Procreate, Noteshelf, and Squiggle

You can download the SDK and get more info here.

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