This Guy Is Trying To Sell A WWDC 2012 Ticket On eBay

Secondhand WWDC ticket for nearly $3,000? Not happening.

WWDC 2012 is already like the VIP party everyone wishes they were special enough to attend. After selling out this morning in just two hours, every spot has already been taken by those who got to register before it was too late. If you missed the window of opportunity, you’re out of luck. No admission. We especially feel bad for you developers on the west coast.

One dev thought it would be a good idea to put his extra WWDC pass up on eBay. The current bid sits at $2,850. What this eBay seller sadly failed to realize is that you can’t actually resell a WWDC ticket.

Admission to WWDC costs $1,600 from Apple. The seller clearly wants to make a little profit off of having an extra ticket to the hottest show around.

I purchased this ticket in fear of it selling out (which it did in 2 hours this year!), but my company purchased one for me as well, so I have an extra for anyone interested. Upon completion of auction/payment, I will send the activation link received in the e-mail pictured so that the buyer can activate their ticket using their Apple Developer account.

This doesn’t quite top the Craiglist poster who is offering to legally change his name for a WWDC ticket, but it’s still pretty sad. While Apple does let you transfer tickets to other members of your registered enterprise account, you can’t just turn around and resell a ticket willy-nilly. Apple says that, “Tickets (including activation codes) may not be sold, resold, bartered, auctioned, or transferred in any way.” Each ticket must be activated with the same registered developer account you used to buy the ticket, so an eBay-style resell does not work. This guy obviously has no clue what he’s doing. It’s either stupidity, or he’s actually clever and plans to dupe some poor soul out of a few thousand dollars.

What’s even sadder is that 13 bids have already been placed on this guy’s ticket, but none of the bidders will ever be able to actually get into the Moscone Center come June 11th.

And remember kids, resorting to identify theft is never the answer.

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